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21 responses to “Verizon FOTA Issues Persist, Customer Council Objects, FCC PSAP Concerns”

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  2. Milkbone98

    Both T-Mobile and att/Cingular have been doing this as well, albeit in a more subtle way. The Motorola modding community has been witnessing both innocuous items such as branded startup screens, and not so innocuous ones such as Java corelets being replaced upon powerup. at&t seems to be more insidious, upon letting a friend with at&t use both a Nokia 8801 and a rare MPx300, neither phone will recognize a sim anymore. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

  3. grooves12

    I am a member of the Verizon Wireless Customer Council, and I find this website’s attempt to use the council to make a name for themselves despicable. The bigger issue to me is the founder of this blog made threats to the council founders to try everything they could to stir up negative press for Verizon unless they reversed their decision and allowed him to remain a member (where benefits are receiving free newly released phones.) How can anyone trust the subjectivity of this site with those kinds of actions?

    The two events show absolutely zero signs of being related, in fact as this very own post states EVERY member in the discussion had negative things to say about the FOTA process, why wasn’t everyone else kicked out. There were other members of the media that were affected by Verizon’s decision to no longer have media in the council, and none of them reported on the FOTA issues.

  4. klay

    I am also a member of the Verizon Wireless Customer Council, and just as grooves mentioned find this article a horrible attempt at news.

    First off you mention that every member of the council objected to Verizons FOTA. I never said anything of the sort and find it offensive that you would write an article putting words in my mouth. Isn’t the news supposed to be 100 percent true?

    Second the whole reason you are no longer a member is because you were never supposed to be one at the start. It is a conflict of interest as you are affiliated with the media. The whole point of the Council is to get a consumer response, and you are NOT a consumer. You are affiliated with both the media and other consumers.

    Also please correct your article as it is not a real piece of news considering you are lying and placing words in my mouth.


  5. Daniel H.

    Chris –

    Interesting article. However, it was a little tough to read due to some grammatical issues … which cloud the clarity of the article.

    “Every user that discussed issue, reported at least one critical objection with the current process.” (I think there’s a couple of words missing)

    “Notification, that Verizon still insists phones give users before updating.” (This is sort of a fragment, I think. It’s a little confusing).

    Just a heads-up, I always enjoy reading the articles and await your revised guide on the best way to get a cheap data plan.

  6. Mark_Venture

    Oh, as for my stance on FOTA.. (this sums up what I posted inside the VCC forums..)

    While I can’t comment on the legality of it, as I’m not a lawyer, I do feel Verizon’s implementation is flawed.

    Seeing it in action on my Boulder (the only phone I’ve seen it on so far..), the phone notifies the user an update is available, then gives a short time for the user to “opt out”. If the user fails to answer within the time limit, the upgrade happens. My boulder was updated TWICE this way.. both times overnight, so I did not see the prompts, and had no chance to Opt Out.

    I think it should instead be… Phone prompts user an upgrade is available. The user then must OPT-IN within a time limit in order to receive the upgrade. Failure to opt-in in time means the update doesn’t happen.

    As reason, I’ll point to the Voyager V09 firmware update that most users on Hofo and other forums reported containted new bugs, their phones started random reboots and other problems after being flashed wiht V09, compared to the prior V07 firmware. Had this been on OTA upgrade like we’ve seen on the boulder, countless users would have been impacted.

  7. Joe K

    Why do I get the feeling Verizon just took one huge step closer to becoming Skynet?

  8. Digg Dude
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  10. Brian

    Hey Chris…Here is one for you, which I have heard through rumors and I can not confirm if it is true or not true.

    Verizon uses a roaming selection termed as PRL=TRUE. What that means, is that in order for a CDMA phone to roam on another carrier’s network, the other carrier must be specified in the PRL. If a CDMA signal is available, but not specified in the PRL, the phone will NOT acquire that CDMA signal thus, the user will be denied the ability to dial 911 in areas where there is no Verizon signal, but there is a alternative signal albeit Verizon does not have a roaming relationship with. I have just heard about it anedotally.

  11. jamey

    when dialing 911 all phones ignore the prl and use any signal available to the phone regardless of which company it belongs to.

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  13. Al

    All it will take is for one such person to be stranded upon one such mountain with one such bricked phone and the resulting lawsuit would put a swift end to this reprehensible practice (and hopefully a large dent in avaricious Verizon’s purse).

    For anyone with a single functioning neuron in their skull (unfortunately that rules out the majority of the U.S. population, which is why such insanity is allowed to go unchallenged), there can be no question at all that this practice should be illegal. It is an outrage. Basically, these corporations are saying “you paid for the phone, but we still claim ownership of the phone and can do anything we want to it without your knowledge or consent”. (I am of course referring to phones that are not on a contract and were purchased full-retail, unlocked, where there is no question of ownership).

    Only in America, where the government is the dutiful servant of corporations. And where the sheeple bend over and beg for more because they are brainwashed into thinking it’s in their best interest! Incredible.

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  18. Rocky

    Yeah take that