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7 responses to “Sprint Launches HTC Touch Pro”

  1. Josh

    Humberto 1 fact is wrong in your article the first device to feature an accelerometer on sprint was the Sprint Touch Diamond…..

  2. Humberto Saabedra

    My mistake, it’s been corrected.

  3. RekPhiv

    Just picked me up one of these yesterdays after waiting what seemed like forever. I love it. hands down the best phone I have ever used in every aspect. Its a real Iphone killer IMO.

  4. Angel

    This is sold out on the Sprint website!!!

  5. Chris

    IF the Touch Diamond is the first with a accelerometer, why did I have a Touch Pro in my hands before the Touch Diamond was released? The Touch Pro has the same feature, when you tilt the phone, the image moves so the bottom is always down. RESEARCH!

  6. Derek Vazquez

    The Touch Pro is the successor to the Touch Diamond. The Touch Diamond WAS the first Sprint device to use an accelerometer, THAT’S research.

  7. Christopher Price

    The Touch Pro and Touch Diamond are complimentary products. They are not meant to replace one another. They were designed simultaneously.

    In the Sprint lineup, the Touch Diamond replaces the original Sprint HTC Touch. The Touch Pro replaces the Sprint HTC Mogul.