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38 responses to “LG enV Touch and enV3 Updated, LG Software Update App Available”

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  2. Benjamin A

    It’s so nice to be able to have the option to upgrade my phone on my own without having to go into a store or have it forced on me out of the blue. I just upgraded my enV3 and the entire process took 18 minutes. Thanks Chris for the heads up.

  3. Jaclyn

    before I update the firmware on my env touch, I was hoping someone can tell me with exactly this firmware update is going to change/advance… thanks!!

  4. Benjamin A

    I don’t know about the touch but on the V3 the things I have noticed is a better hold on calls in fringe areas, a reduction in lag when accessing menus, and pictures are loading quicker.

  5. John

    Can anyone let me know where o download this update tool from as I could not find it.

  6. John

    Can anyone let me know where do I download this update tool from as I could not find it on verizon or lg website

  7. Colleen

    Dial *228 from your verizon phone, first choose option 1, let phone re-boot and dial *228 again. This time, choose option 2.

  8. Colleen

    OR – you can use the link above, called “Firmware Tracker”.

  9. ali

    Hey —I recently upgraded and signed another 2 year contract & bought the ENV 3—HOWEVER my phone came witha a charger and nothing else…SHould I have been sent the cable as stated above? I thought that was a jip to only get a wall charger

  10. Colleen

    Ali — With the ENV Touch, the USB cable had an A/C adapter on it. You didn’t get that with the ENV 3?

  11. Parker

    Ali, the charged that you got with your phone IS the USB cable. The cable disconnects from the wall plug.

  12. Heather

    *228 definately didnt work it takes me to a recording that it doesnt work!

  13. Colleen

    Heather: I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work. It worked with my ENV Touch on July 7th.

  14. Sarah

    Thanks so much! The *228 thing worked. My pictures load so much quicker and I get more service in my home where I normally do not:)

  15. haha

    *228 has nothing to do with the software on your phone so if you think your pictures are loading faster, you’re imagining things. *228 is to update your phone to new towers in your area.

  16. Lauren

    it seems like no1 really knows what to do cuz ive been surching the internet for awhile and everything i try dosnt work. i cant get to the pictures on my phone threw my computer with the usb cable i tryed downloading some drivers from verizon but it didnt do anything. dose any1 have any sugestions other then whats already been posted???

  17. Barry

    to access/transfer your photos/music etc… when you connect your phone to the computer it would prompt to connect to MY MUSIC… just cancel out that and go to MENU > SETTING > TOOLS > USB MASS STORAGE then there should open up a removable disk on my comp. hope this helps

  18. Tia

    Hi, I am switching for a black berry pearl to the enV touch…. is there some software to download that will be like the desktop manager… that will let me bring picts and ringtones from my puter to the phone?

  19. Ryan

    Where do i download this update from?

  20. Colleen

    I am with Tia, I wonder if there is a software available to take pictures and ringtones from my computer to the phone.

  21. Tia

    Colleen, something like Barry said above works, somehow new folders showed up after i did some of this under my device under my computer… there is a my pix folder for pix and a my sounds that you can paste your ringtones in and access from your phone. Took me hours on this forum the other night but i got everything done and am so appreciative of all the guys here helping!

  22. Colleen

    Thanks for the update. You are right it worked great! Now how about audio books. The music works great, and sermons in mp3 format. Does anyone know how to listen to audio books on the ENV touch?

  23. Sarah

    Hi, I have an EnV3 that I bought about 3 months ago, I love it, but I can;t find the CD that came with it,so I can download my Pictures on to my computer. And I do not have a memory card, so when i go to USB mass storage it reads card not inserted..uurrgg..what can I do please help, I really would like to share my pics with friends!!!

  24. Carol

    Sarah am having same problem but i never got a cd to begin with. The sales man at the store told me i can transfer pictures using usb cable but isnt working so now what. am so mad because this is my first phone and every one tells me how easy it is to transfer pictures , phone takes good pictures, but what is it . please help if can thanks

  25. Joe

    def not fun to make a ferris joke… haha.. i think its goofy we need to do these updates in the firstplace… however.. i am to having trouble finding updates for the env touch

  26. Nate

    I am having the same trouble with the ENVY 3. I cant download pics from my phone to my PC. No can do. And I dont have a micro card, and I dont want to email it. All I have is a usb cable aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! anybody???????

  27. Tia

    Nate… to access/transfer your photos/music etc… connect your phone to the computer with your usb cable – on your phone it will prompt you to connect to MY MUSIC… just cancel that and go to MENU > SETTING > TOOLS > USB MASS STORAGE then go to my computer on your puter and you should see an icon stating removable storage disc (something like that) double click it and you should see the folders on your phone….that is one way there is another i think if that doesnt work…it is so wrong i think to put out a phone that is so hard to access without a disc or instructions…

  28. Ryan

    On the en-v touch you can go to settings and tools and scroll down to phone info press phone info and the drop down has software update at the bottom. Push phone update and if there is one it will update your phone. I have and en-v touch and there are no updates at this time.

  29. David

    A little trick for every cell phone user with texting capability: you can send a picture message to your email address just like you are sending to another phone but type in the email address where you would put the phone number. Haven’t played with the USB cable with the EnV but hope this little shortcut helps.

  30. Marie

    Re managing pics on the env3. I stopped in a Verizon store recently with the same question and the tech there showed me how to download the Media Manager from their website to my computer. I did the download but haven’t had a chance yet to test drive it. I also have an SDcard that fits into USB/card gadget to transfer the pics from my phone to the computer. To save images to a card go to Settings>Tools>Memory>Save Options>Pictures then choose Card Memory. Now all the pictures you take are saved to the SDcard.

  31. JD

    My enV Touch keeps shutting off and restoring tp factory settings, i.e. wallpapers, font, security code, etc. However, the last four digits of the phone number do not work as the security code, nor does the code I set. I called technical support and they acted surprised to be hearing about this issue. Apparently the software on my phone is v4 and they are now on v9! They said the only way to fix it is to bring it to the store and leave it for an hour so a technician could update it. I find this hard to believe… can anyone offer other suggestions to update the software without having to take it and leave it at the store? Also, how do I reset the security code?
    Thanks so much!

  32. Tom

    I found the updater at
    It downloaded an installer. After running the installer I clicked the install usb driver. A drop down appeared and I double clicked my phone. It then downloaded the latest software and updated my phone. This all took less than 30 minutes. It also installed the necessary usb drivers on my pc to allow it to charge my env3 over the usb. The charger shipped with the env3 is actually a mini usb cable and an adapter. Pull the wire out of the wall plug adapter and it is now a usb connector.
    I hope this helps.

  33. JD

    Thanks Tom… The instructions for the updater are for a PC, I have a Mac. Any thoughts anyone? I did find out how to reset the security code… dial *22899.

  34. James

    I have an LG EnV Touch from Verizon. After hours of trying to update my software using LG’s Phone software updater, I was told by Verizon that it DOES NOT WORK. None of the 4 LG techs that I spoke with knew this info. Sad

  35. Heather

    I am having the same exact problems as JD. I was going to use the website Tom gave us but it doesnt support my lg env touch. I did do the *22899 and it did work THANKS so much!!! But i still want to update my software because my phone is always shutting off in the middle of a call I HATE THAT. Any suggestions??

  36. Jessica

    I took my phone to verizon and they updated my software. I don’t know exactly what’s supposed to be different other than the polaris browser, but if it makes my phone work better i’m game.

  37. eliza

    with my env touch I’ve had two replacement phones which makes three all together. let me tell you the problems with this phone. it turns off randomly. screen turns bright green. turns off when I’m in the middle of writing a text message. turns off while it’s charging. half the screen goes to menu and the other half goes dark in the middle of a message. why does this happen.

    now I’m trying to reformat the card and the card is inserted but when I go to memory and try to reformat it it says that the card is not inserted when it really is. any one know how to reformat it when it is like that?

    all I have to say is