Write for PhoneNews.com

PhoneNews.com continues to grow, and we’re looking to expand our team of writers.

Our team of freelance writers have two great things in common; a passion for mobile, and excellent writing capabilities. Those two things are what we’re looking for in each and every candidate.

Ask yourself the following questions:
* Can you write in proper English?
* Can you communicate a topic in a way that someone who’s tech savvy and someone else who’s not tech savvy can both understand? And stay interested?
* Do you know your WiMAX from your LTE? How about the differences between EVDO Rev 0 and Rev A? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of CDMA2000 and UMTS when compared to each other?
* Are you the first person everyone in your life comes to asking about phones?
* Are you the first person to strike up a conversation about phones, with no need for prompting?

If so, you’re probably ready to write for PhoneNews.com.

To apply for a writing position, please send us an email at the contact page. We do pay careful attention to your writing, so consider each email to be a part of the writing sample that we’ll be asking for.

A few quick gotchas:

* You can’t write for us if you work for a national wireless carrier. Exceptions apply of course, if you can get approval from your company to do so. Dan Hesse, we’d love your op-eds.
* Please attach your resume if you have one. We want to see all your experience. It does help, even if it’s not all wireless.
* If you do have media and/or mobile media experience, please let us know up front.
* If you are writing for other organizations currently, please disclose that.
* Citing SEO content in your initial email is a huge turn off. Please don’t put “SEO” in anything you send in your first email.

Agency resumes are not accepted.