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11 responses to “Apple Rejects Opera for iPhone”

  1. Leon

    Why does Microsoft get sued for Windows for simular issue when Apple is doing the same thing. Im waiting for the day Apple gets bought by someone when they are broke again. Its only a matter of time before they mess up one time (BIG TIME) and their company is gone.

  2. Opera mini

    Opera mini is very good

  3. JJ

    Opera is good but skyfire is even better. The opera browser doesn’t compare to the safari browser and I don’t think apple is going anywhere. I don’t know what your talking about Leon. It wasn’t a bad choice for apple to reject an inferior software.

  4. Mustang46L

    I have the iPod Touch and the HTC Diamond and I use both the Opera and Safari browser but I tend to like Opera better. If I could have it on my iPod that would be perfect.

  5. Leon

    My post is not based on if you think its inferior, the ability to install the item of YOUR choice is the point. Apples way of thinking is the only thing inferior.

  6. zato

    98% of iPhone owners love their iPhone.
    When you basement-dwelling 2 digit wanker pr0n downloaders are ready to create and run a 30 billion dollar corp. and meet payroll year after year, then you can make a mobile phone the way you think it should be done.

  7. Mustang46L

    Wow. Having a bad morning?

    It isn’t about how Apple runs their company, they are obviously successful. They just do things that most think they shouldn’t. Why block “competition” on your phone when users don’t have the choice to remove Safari in the first place?

  8. kitseywho

    steve is back on the acid.

  9. AL


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  11. Bryan

    Safari is nothing compared to opera btw apple should get sued for trying to control wat software can be put on iphone there is way better stuff outside of appstore just because apple doesnt allow it they should just issue opera through cydia