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3 responses to “T-Mobile G1 Update Contains Critical Exploit, Easy to Abuse”

  1. KJ

    I got the rc30 update and so far I am THRILLED! I of course noticed the USB mounting option with the rc29 update but now my HANDS-FREE in my lexus works with the phone and it didn’t before… This was a MAJOR deal-breaker for me and I was looking at the iPhone just minutes before… now I don’t know if I need to switch.

    Just wanted to let people know about this update if they had the same bluetooth problem!

  2. Chris

    How do I get the update????

  3. KJ

    I got the update over the air automatically… not sure how to “go n get it” I have seen some suggestions and guidelines online as to how you can “force” the update… check more of the boards like this