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6 responses to “OrbLive Update Enables 3G & EDGE Live TV Streaming on iPhone, on App Store”

  1. Praneeth

    As AT&T itself has confirmed, iPhone users currently use up very little bandwidth. The capacity issues that AT&T has are real but they are issues they have to fix anyway. Limiting the true use of the network that they advertise would not be advisable when soon all other competing products Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile will be compatible with Sling/Orb.

  2. David Sax

    Orb is very cool but annoys my family at home when I change channels on them and upload speeds pretty crappy from my DSL so I started using which is a ‘hosted tv’ service for place-shifting devices. I sent them my box and for $49/mo I now have super fast bandwidth ie. video quality, no channel conflicts and free reboots if it locks up. It’s a beta currently but accepting limited new customers, was lucky enough to get in and lovin it.

  3. :: Inside Borneo ::

    […] or EDGE, and not AT&T’s 3G network, if they wanted App Store approval. Yesterday, though, Apple approved an app that streams live TV over Wi-Fi, AT&T’s EDGE and 3G connections. The updated version of […]

  4. Hassan

    You can still get Internet TV on iPhone without having a TV Tuner. and you can also add custom channels on your orb website page <<<that’s kinda cool for me though