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6 responses to “HTC Officially Confirms HTC HD2 US Launch for 2010”

  1. JJ

    Will we be see this awesome phone on sprint or verizon anytime soon?

  2. SaltyDawg

    How about a CDMA HD2 with a sliding qwerty. Now that would be pretty awesome.

  3. Christopher Price

    Considering the Imagio already has a larger-than-Diamond2 display, all indications are that will serve as CDMA’s largest HTC device until the next go-around. Like the Kaiser/Tilt, HTC is probably testing the US waters with a UMTS version, before making a CDMA variant in the next generation.

  4. jim

    i would love this on sprint to replace my diamond

  5. JJ

    Sprint? Are you kidding? That Sprint has *anything* is a wonder. Palm is in the dumps, their iPhone killer posturing is ridiculous and embarrassing. Verizon or AT&T, TMobile gets scraps sometimes, switch and live a little.