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7 responses to “HTC Announces HD2, Q1 2010 US Launch”

  1. DP

    Will Sprint be getting a CDMA/GSM/HSPA/EDGE World Phone version at some point?

  2. JJ

    Yeah,thats what Im wondering. Will sprint be getting this phone? The only thing is that I am switching over to android and this hd phone would be awesome with android.

  3. SaltyDawg

    So now we need to find out which carrier(s) will get it and when. and more importantly, will there be a version with a sliding keyboard?

  4. Humberto Saabedra

    The HD series was never meant to have a hardware keyboard, it was designed as a large format display device with the display as the primary input device. As for carriers, if the first device wasn’t even considered by carriers, don’t expect this one to get picked up either.

    Don’t forget that HTC also handles their own US 3G versions and releases them unlocked though third party dealers like Best Buy and independents.

  5. SaltyDawg

    Well if HTC directly releases an unlocked version, we know it isn’t for Sprint or Verizon. So I guess the question is then: will it be for AT&T, T-Mobile, or both?

    HTC really needs to make an HD with a keyboard too. There is no way I’ll be getting this one without a keyboard. But if they had one with a keyboard and a tilting screen, I’d probably be freaking out about it.

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  7. pots

    Forget android, windows is much more sleek and compatible with a LOT of stuff