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11 responses to “Verizon to Increase ETF on Smartphones Beginning November 15th (Updated)”

  1. Colin

    So if you get a phone before the 15th, will your terms change on the 15th? Or will you be grandfathered in with your existing ETF?

  2. BoostedHoo

    so i can’t use this as an excuse to end my contract early without ETF?

  3. jon

    wow i wont be upgrading. too risky here in this economy.

  4. Jeff

    Wow. If all the carriers jump on this, I think the FTC might take a look. I certainly won’t lock in for that kind of ETF ever.

  5. Christopher Price

    This could cause a surge in Motorola Droid returns, as people rush to try out the device before the ETF hike. Considering the short supply, it just got a little shorter at least.

    If you want a Droid, consider lining up hours before your local Verizon Wireless opens…

  6. F1

    Sheer madness!!

    An overreaction gone overboard, hence a hasty policy,
    all VWZ had to do, was to ad a clause in the contract of the “BOGO”, instead, they are throwing out the Baby with the bathwater!

    After two years:
    $350- (12 months X $1O X 2 years)=> Balance of $110 ??!

    Thank You

  7. Duker

    don’t forget the carriers pay the manufacturers a lot more than what the consumer pays for these devices.If you cancel early, they lose money….

  8. jon

    That will make prepaid carriers business surge. T

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