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19 responses to “T-Mobile USA to Launch HTC HD2”

  1. Jackson

    The Touch HD2 is like have a Ferrari with a pinto’s engine. Windows Mobile, or should I call it by its real name. Pocket PC is a piece of crap no matter how your dress it up.

    People ask why doesn’t HTC put android on this beast. The reason is, if they did, it would be a good phone that people will stick with for awhile, robbing HTC of another handset sale in a year or two. Google is of the same mindset as apple, they want people running android to be running the newest version.
    You see HTC isn’t like apple, all HTC cares about is selling as many handsets as possible, they don’t have any additional revenue streams from the mobile space like apple does with its appstore. Even the 2G iphone gets updated. HTC only updates their phones when people threaten them, ( remember the whole ATI 3D drivers fiasco) or the PPC-6600 lack of EVDO enabling firmware.

    My touch pro has only got 1 update since it was released a year ago and that was just hotfixes. Why don’t they update the touch pro 1 to the same touchflo skin as the touch pro 2. Why no 6.5 when the touch pro 2 is getting it. They run exactly the same CPU and ram. HTC isn’t interested in providing users with stable and updated software, they prefer you just buy a new phone. Watch the Touch HD2 successor get windows mobile 7 when its released even though it runs on the exact same hardware as the Touch HD2.

  2. Saltydawg

    1: Windows Mobile is the most powerful mobile OS on the market. See Google rejecting the tethering app before you go mentioning Android.

    2: There will be a version of the Touch HD2 running Android- it’s called the Dragon. So your rant was incorrect.

    3: The PPC-6600 did get an EVDO update. verizon’s version worked on EVDO just fine. The Sprint version had an update that Sprint was testing. it got leaked, and plenty of people were using their 6600s on EVDO just fine. Sprint then remotely killed the EVDO access, and required everyone buying a PPC-6700 9and all future EVDO devices) to be on a more expensive EVDO data plan (called Power vision back then). it is plausible that Sprint killed the 6600 EVDO update because they could not force 6600 users to upgrade their data plan. however, they could (and did) force customers onto more expensive data plans when they purchased new devices. So you can’t blame HTC for that, the blame lies with Sprint.

    4: I’m with you on HTC not providing updates. But with xda and ppcgeeks, it’s not a big deal. HTC turns a blind eye to the community “pirating” their software and porting it to all kinds of devices. And in return the community turns a blind eye to HTC not offering any software updates. It’s an even trade. HTC will continue to make devices that are easily hacked, they will “leak” the newest versions of their software, and they won’t complain when we share it and install it on anything we can.

    5: I would be willing to bet the Touch HD2 gets an official Windows Mobile 7 update. There are several devices gettng updates to Windows Mobile 6.5 right now, and several that got updates to Windows Mobile 6.1 before that. HTC may not offer indefinite updates, but they usually offer at least 1 or 2 if an OS update happens during a device’s lifespan.

  3. Jackson


    How is Windows Mobile (pocket pc) the most powerful mobile OS on the market? Please explain. I’ve been using it since the early days of the ipaq. Not much has changed since. Sure they bolt a few things on here and there but its still the same old os, similar in age to the old Palm OS. Companies like HTC and Samsung have been building their own skins on top of it because microsoft hasn’t done anything. Many devices, like the Mogul and many others didn’t even ship with proper drivers. Remember this whole fiasco HTC response was to buy a new phone. Both gizmodo and engagdet really bashed WM 6.5 in their respective reviews. Even Baller admitted they dropped the ball on it.

    But why does HTC keep building WM phones while people want more android based sets.

    I’d bet over 90% of PPC owners don’t even know of ppcgeeks and xda. Users shouldn’t have to go hunting online for the latest updates. The fast majority of the phones never get updated since they were purchased. Apple on the other hand forces users to upgrade and palm and android push them over the air. There is no excuse for company not supporting their products, I don’t blame HTC as much I do Microsoft. All Microsoft wants to do is to sell licenses. To be honest there isn’t much HTC can do to update their phones anyways. I highly doubt the Leo will get a windows mobile 7 upgrade because Microsoft wants to charge for a whole new OS. My old mogul came out the same month as the first iphone. The experience in software between the two devices is astonishing.

  4. Saltydawg

    Windows Mobile is the most powerful OS. period. Can you name something you can do in another OS that you can’t do in Windows Mobile?

    Lets see, you have access to the registry so you can change whatever you want in Windows Mobile.

    You can install whatever app you want in Windows Mobile without fear of it being rejected.

    The fact that some companies “skin” the OS with Touch Flo or whatever, also shows how powerful the OS it. The simple fact that this can be done is a statement of why Windows Mobile is great.

    As for the Drivers issue- that had nothing to do with Windows Mobile and everything to do with HTC not including them (because Qualcom didn’t include them with their chipset). But the fact that the community took care of that and had their own drivers, is also a testament to why Windows Mobile is great. Just the simple fact that that can be done should be enough to show how powerful Windows Mobile is. I’d love to see a Blackberry runing home brewed 3d drivers.

    And HTC keeps building Windows Mobile phones because guys like me want them. Agian, when Google rejected the tethering app it soured me on Android. Any OS where you need to get apps approved is going to be at least one notch below Windows Mobile. I prefer to do my own thinking.

    On the updates- you have to keep it in perspective here. Apple has updated their phones with MINOR updates. You are complaining that HTC isn’t doing MAJOR updates. The hardware on your Mogul can’t handle Windows Mobile 6.5. I know, I have one too and I put a few newer OD builds on it and it ran like crap. Heck, my Tilt can barely handle Windows Mobile 6.5. Out of the many ROMs I tried on it, there were only a couple that ran long enough for me to leave on it for longer than a day. Why? Because the OS was designed for a much more powerful device. Much like an old Pentium 2 would have problems running Windows Vista. Yeah, you could probably do it, but why would you want to? The performance would be horrible, so you’re much better off running an older OS that was designed for that type of hardware.

    And I don’t want to hinder innovation just to maintain backwards compatibility. Don’t make Windows 7 weaker just so some ancient device can run it.

    And I don’t think you understand how this process works. You say Microsoft just wants to sell more licenses? You realize that Microsoft gives free upgrades with their Windows Mobile license sales, right? It falls on the carriers like Sprint who don’t want to go through the trouble of upgrading phones. For proof of this see AT&T just barely releasing their Touch Pro 2 so they could include Windows Mobile 6.5 without having to upgrade. It’s the carriers who want to sell you another device, and the carriers who don’t want to train their staff on upgrading devices, troubleshooting a bricked device from a failed upgrade, the way the new upgraded OS works, etc.

    Apple and Palm forcing upgrades is a BAD thing. Both Apple and Palm actually took away functionality in their forced upgrades. Apple has killed the jailbreaking (the community always finds a way around it though) and Palm killed the ability to install unapproved apps. This is NOT a good this is NOT a good thing. I’d much rather have the choice to install an update or not.

    It sounds like your issue is with the business model of the carriers in North America. You do realize that HTC has updates on their site for the unlocked versions of their current phones, right? But the carriers here are dragging their feet, as always. That is not HTC’s fault, and it’s not Microsoft’s fault either. But, you can always go to XDA or PPCGeeks and get an update.

    And I disagree that 90% of the people don’t know about those sites. Anyone spending that kind of money on a huge brick of a phone will definitely know about something. They might not know about those specific sites, but they will know about some site, or have a friend who does.

    I am positive the Leo will get upgraded to Windows Mobile 7. There is no doubt in my mind. Looks to me like you forgot about all the phones that got upgraded from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6, and all the phones that got upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1, and all the phones that are getting upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 right now.

  5. JJ

    Windows is the most powerful OS out there. For now. You can do so much with it like sawltydog was explaining. Since the latest iphone came out my windows mobile phone has done more then my friends iphone. Even then to get the full benefit out of the iphone you have to jailbreak it. The only problem with windows mobile is stability and finger friendliness. Android has a chance to get above windows mobile. But as of now windows mobile phones are more powerful and can do more. If windows 6.5 increases stability on windows phones this is going to make windows phone even more appealing. I myself was going to switch to android but I can’t since sprint is forcing me off my great plan. I would rather use wm and have a great priced plan then pay extra to try out android. I’m happy with my unlocked diamond running custom 6.5 rom.

  6. dumb user

    Why does it have to be T-Mobile? I realize it probably comes down to a bidding war but looking at 3G coverage maps on T-mobile, AT&T and Verizon; T-Mobile is the worst. Wouldn’t it behoove HTC to offer this phone on Verizon, AT&T or even Sprint with far better 3G coverage? I am really disappointed. I was willing to change carriers for this phone but not to T-Mobile.

  7. Saltydawg

    We don’t know that T-Mobile is the only carrier getting it. For all we know, all the carriers could be getting it. We just know that T-Mobile is at least one of the carriers getting it.

    Also, if you haven’t heard about T-Mobile’s Project Dark or Project Black, they are rumored to be secretly and rapidly expanding their 3G network to be 21 meg HSPA plus, all over the place, and the announcement is supposedly going to be in a couple of weeks.

  8. SaltyDawg

    @ Jackson:

    I have several friends that are Apple fanboys. This is what one of them posted to his facebook yesterday:

    “Spent over an hour on the phone with an Apple Product Specialist, and I’m no close to solving this mystery. All I wanted was a legitimate answer…”

    Someone else then wrote:
    “What broke?”

    His response:
    “Nothing broke per se, but us original iPhone users are being denied MMS, even though it’s proven that the hardware and OS can support it without batting an eye.

    Want to read my letter to Apple? LOL”

    So make sure you have all the facts before you go praising Apple for theirsupport of older devices.

  9. sandi76

    well what can i say i’m glad to be back here in England because we will be having this Monster Phone soon and it’s free. check this out, am sure in america that will going to cost you lot of bucks.

  10. Rafael Albo

    HTC HD2 is simply the best phone on the market today. Breaking the boring apple I-phone. Finally a great phone that doesn’t have to be Apple (for weird ones that “want” to look different)

  11. rebel

    jackson, the htc hd2 doesnt have the same processor… not even close. heres the specs

    Windows Mobile Professional; 6.5
    Snapdragon, 1 GHz
    448 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM
    what can compete with that… thats more then just a phone. heres the url if anyone wants to check all the specs.

    tmobile has the youngest 3g network right now, it is expanding and i did hear somethin about some big 3g network change. i wont get my hopes up tho.

  12. Chaz


    Saltydawg completely pwned you!!
    Stop posting sh*t you don’t know about. All your assumptions have been dismissed.

    Know the facts before you plague the dumb ones with your crap.

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  14. doug

    talked to htc support and since tmobile is the only provider they deal with that do over the air updates, customers of tmo htc phones cannot update through htc website less, they do it themselves, if you know what i mean. htc version of droid is updated through htc website, which is better in my opinion than the motorola droid. hd2 is coming to tmo USA in january and side note it is sad that employees in my local store have no idea and really aren’t that interested. they ought to hire me, lol. windows mobile is a beast OS but hasn’t been good because of phone’s hardware, but it looks like sense ui will make this hd2 a comparable beast for real on the market

  15. Snypawolf

    Everybody talks about coverage maps but my phone which is t-mobile works in places where a friend from work phone doesnt which is verizon. If i get full service and he get shitty service. If verizon is soooo much better shouldnt he get the same service as I.

  16. sit2k


    1. windows mobile has office built in including word, excel, powerpoint and onenote
    2. registry can be edited (as mentioned before)
    3. you can literally do anything to the OS and would not harm it (never crashed on me)
    4. i can use my touch pro 2 as a wifi router
    5. desktop remote access to my pc at home

    I use everything on that list
    these are just a few things that windows mobile can do with incredible stability on my tp2

    none of the os’s out there can touch windows mobile.

    You also mentioned why does htc keep making windows mobile devices when they can jut switch to android? it’s very imple, windows mobile devices are for professionals, not people that just text and that is an extremely important sector of the phone market.

    please dont compare toys to a professional device

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