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24 responses to “Virgin Mobile Confirms LG Rumor 2 Launch (Updated)”

  1. Christina

    I work for Radioshack and the Virgin Mobile LG Rumor2 is out as of Aug 27 in some stores for $129.99.

  2. Davie

    It’s not available in El Paso. Why, because the city has a Hispanic majority? Racism!!!

  3. Christina

    I’m not sure that is the reason because I work on Long Island within 5 or 6 miles from 4 out the 30 sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants in all of the US. We have a huge hispanic population for a tiny little island. Maybe they haven’t gotten the phone yet …. Wait and see.

  4. Chris

    Why isnt this phone on
    cause i wanna buy it

  5. Daniel

    yeah, another radioshack ehem “the shack” employee here. We just recieved our shipment of rumor 2’s. still dont see it on virgins website though. speaking of rumor, i keep hearing somewhere that radioshack is suposively gonna start selling helio branded phones.

  6. Seth

    I just picked up a Rumor2 for Virgin Mobile at “The Shack”. I love it! I hated the keyboard on the X-tc. That thing is retarded.

  7. Chris

    umm..My “Shack” dont got it yet ima cry 🙁

  8. julian

    I want that phone. I got the x-tc right now and its a good phone.

  9. julian

    I want that phone. I got the x-tc right now and its a good phone.

  10. Chris

    I found it at “my Shack”
    im goin to get it soon

  11. Levi

    I really want this phone, I currently have the X-tc. And I sorta like it, but the keyboard is small. And I’d like to own a name brand phone. Like, an ‘LG Rumor 2’ would be awsome to have. And I like the way it saves your conversation. I need it, so I’m getting it next week. 🙂

  12. Chris

    mm LG rumor 2 is amazing i have it now

  13. Vilaromeo

    Going to pick it up now. Bought a shuttle last night. The thing sucks balls.
    I’m going back to the Shack for the Rumor 2

  14. Rita

    Hey where si the shack at what are they I really want this phone

  15. Vilaromeo

    Radio Shack.. I bought the Rumor2 about 2 days ago now..
    All I have to say is I LOVE THIS PHONE!!
    Thank you Virgin and Sprint.
    Go and pick it up today.
    It’s at Radio Shack for 129.99

  16. Mike

    This is a responve to dave the racism guy are u a fukin retard just becuz they don’t have that fone avalible were u live doesn’t mean that they r raceis it just means they didn’t relate it

    P.S I made up that email address so don’t respond to it just in case u cudind figure that out

  17. Jess

    rite now i have the x-tc and its a pretty good phone but i dropped it and the hinges are loose…i want the LG rumor 2 soo savin up for this phone cuz i heard its a spectacular phone…

  18. ashleeee.

    i realllly want that phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Lyndsey

    I couldnt decide between the virgin mobile Rumor 2 or the Kyocera x-tc…
    I did some research and i found more positive reviews about the Rumor 2, so thats what i decided to go with.
    I KNOW i made the right decision because this phone has the highest quality VM has ever had–
    And i have no complaints whatsoever..

    It takes a few days to get used to the texting and apps, but im very happy with this phone.

    A++++++ 🙂

  20. Vilaromeo

    I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem..
    I love my Rumor2 I’ve had it now for a month or so..
    But the whole time i’ve had this phone, i’ve never been able to get
    Google maps or The Opera mini browser to work.
    Keeps telling me I need a data connection.. Which I have.
    I have a few calls into Virgin, and they have an open investigation on it..
    So we’ll see.
    They’ve been good in the past, and just sent me out a new phone.

  21. veevee

    I have the wildcard now and want the Rumor2. The wildcard is a great phone but looking to upgrade. I was curious about the camera features on the phone. Can anyone comment on that. Thanks

  22. Vilaromeo

    The Rumor2 has a good 1.3 MP Camera, with NO Flash.
    You can however use your expandable memory card to store photos, unlike other model Virgin phones.
    There is also NO Video.
    Kinda lame, but still a good phone.

  23. miles

    ive had this phone for a little less than a week. great hardware. it can get a little sluggish sometimes but for $125 im not complaining. my only gripe is that they dont offer a data cable, and gimped the phone so you cant connect to a computer. i can see the logic in their reasoning, but it brings the phone down a little bit and makes me sad. also, i dont think you can download many apps off the net. but all and all its a good phone but could be amazing if it wasnt gimped.

  24. Vilaromeo

    You can buy a data cable for the rumor2.
    Virgin does not offer the data cable, but I bought mine off Amazon.
    Just search for Rumor2 and you’ll see it.
    It’s for the Sprint phone, but the Virgin phone is the exact same, and the data cable works.
    Also picked up a silicon case for it. looks sweet.
    Also you can download tons of apps.
    It comes with Google maps and Opra mini.
    Both working fine now.
    You can download Virgin Navigator but it’s 9.99/mo
    Turn by turn directions.
    Just like VZ Navigator.