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5 responses to “Nokia Announces N900 Internet Tablet”

  1. thegeniusfiles

    Nokia is making a smart move here. Instead of waiting like Palm until they lose most market share before switching to a new platform, they are doing it while still at the top of their game. I expect this phone to be a worthy competitor to the iPhone, with the added benefit that jailbreaking won’t be necessary to install your choice of apps.

  2. celz

    only problem is there wont be much choice of apps yet.. when you do an all at once switch like palm you force the community to the new standard.. maemo probably is better than symbian but a symbian phone would be more enjoyable now

  3. Christopher Price

    Maemo has quite a library of apps already. In fact, Mozilla chose to port Fennec to Maemo first, even before releasing a Windows Mobile build.

    Granted, it’s small in comparison to the App Store, but we’re not in a day one scenario like webOS.

  4. herb hickey

    Too bad it’s pairing up with T-Mobile in the US. Another smokin’ device on an inferior network.

  5. Christopher Price

    There are unsubstantiated rumors from Nokia of a UMTS 850/1900/2100 variant, but no independent confirmation yet.