Nokia to Release Smaller Nokia N97 Mini

Nokia N97Although the Nokia N97 had a pretty successful release, it seems that Nokia wasn’t satisfied. It began with just a few spy photos, but now there has been more and more talk about the Nokia N97 mini, a smaller more compact version of the Nokia N97 for quite sometime.

There has been no word on a release date, but  the price is expected to be about $100 less than the original pricing of the N97.  Besides being smaller and more compact the Nokia N97 mini is also expected to be made with more high-quality materials as well as improved kinetic-scrolling capability on the display.   These improvements also come with some shortcomings as the Nokia N97 Mini  lacks a sliding lens-cover, a smaller keyboard with no directional pad and only 8GB of memory compared to the 32GB of memory on the original N97.

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