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20 responses to “Verizon Releases Voyager Refresh Software Update, Visual Voicemail Not Free”

  1. Erik

    cool…gonna go get it updated now!

  2. T Bone

    Major problems with this update! Many people including myself, reporting Visual Voice Mail crashes the phone. Also the browser will now crash the phone. Verizon tried to update mine, then a new phone from the store…both failed to work without crashing. Ended up giving me a new phone with version 07 still on it.

  3. Erik

    no problems with my update….although it’s not quite the update i was looking for…..would like multitasking….a new music player…..drawing pad….better touch accuracy….improved web browser.

  4. Jon

    I was thinking about getting the update “right away” but since most of the phone centers here in NYC don’t have it, I’m waiting. In my waiting I’ve discovered that they have pulled a “gates” on us and released an untested software update just to justify the iphone battle (which is dumb). I’ll still get the update eventually, but I’m not stressing about it now. I heard the audio player was supposed to incorporate playlist sync, but if it doesn’t then I don’t need it right now.

  5. George

    Update crashed the phone. Techs rebuilt the whole firmware directory and said they were sending me a new phone with the update already programmed in. The techs said I was the first they used it on and the ones after me all claimed the same fate of their phones.

  6. Sube

    Yesterday (8/13/08) my wife and I both had our Voyagers updated with no issues. Everything went smoothly. I’ve heard the stories of phones being fried. All I can say is that maybe the technicians weren’t familiar with the process and screwed something up. The service tech said my phone updated faster than any other Voyager he’d ever seen (about 35 min).

    First impressions –

    Better functionality. I like the new scroll effect. It gradually starts slowing down as it nears the end of the scroll. The icons are more refined. “Get It Now” has been changed to “Media Center”. I never did like the name GIN. I thought that was stupid, and apparently Verizon agrees. The shortcut to open a text msg as soon as you start typing is a nice feature as well. I like the addition of “Themes”, although I wish they had more than just black and white. The ability to drag and drop icons on the touch screen shortcut menu is a welcome bonus. My wife swears everything on the phone is faster. The updated Teleca browser seems smoother. Finally, they changed the name of “Standalone” mode to “Airplane” mode. Visual Voice Mail is a nice feature, if you’re willing to pay for it. All in all, it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

    What I don’t like –

    You can’t put a shortcut for the calculator on the touch screen. This really annoyed me at first, but as time went on it became not such a big deal. I can’t open links within one of my favorite websites using the new browser. Whenever I go to “” and click on a TV show I get a message about insufficient memory. Then the phone immediately reboots. Even after clearing the cache, cookies and history, the exact same thing happens. It happens on both or our Voyagers, so I know it’s the browser and not the specific phone. The same site worked flawlessly with V05 and V07. This is a mobile specific website and it has no graphics! This is definitely a bug.

  7. yo

    pretty ****** bt but not having the calculator as an option for a shortcut on the touch screen is pretty frustrating…i used it almost everyday bt now they decided to just get rid of the shortcut option?wtf?

  8. Chinky

    Do anybody know where i can go to update my phone without having to go to the verizon store. Like can i update the phone by myself like i just download it online and put it on my phone.

  9. Chimenay

    Does anybody know what you get by getting the upgrade?
    Like the features
    I know the drag and drop thing and i know that you can use visual voice mail now but its 2.99 a month… and uhh idk what else..

    but i want to get it done. is it absolutly freeeee??


    when does the lg voyager titanium come out?????????????????

  11. Shea McCleen

    Oh thats cool. I want the upgrade it seems like ahmazing. what do u get when u get it? what new features?

  12. michelle

    my titanium will be here monday!!!!!!! cant wait


    my new titanium will be here Monday toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dan

    I notice on every Voyager now with the V09 update(I wish I just kept V07) has major browser bugs now. can no longer load,and when I showed this to a Verizon rep they kept trying to come up with al sorts of excuses.They gave me a brand new voyager,but the Freeze and Restart isuee is still there.I’m kinda getting angry with Verizon’s inablitty to cooperiate with there client’s need.I payed $350 at the time for a phone that has gone down the toilet cause of there stupid updates.They said they would call me within 24-48 hours about the issue.I think if it keeps up,I will ask them to just give me an enV2 or a Chocolate 3.

  15. Carmel

    My charge port will not allow for a smooth charge without my holding the phone or laying it at a certain angle. I received a replacement phone with the same issue. The upgrade SUCKS…starting with touch screen. The rest is toooo much to write. Can you say AT & T SWITCH.

  16. mark

    verizon likes to keep their phone all locked up and make you pay for every little thing It’s looking like the update was just a bigger lock

  17. conan595

    Update crashed the phone. Techs rebuilt the whole firmware directory and said they were sending me a new phone with the update already programmed in. The techs said I was the first they used it on and the ones after me all claimed the same fate of their phones.

  18. Suneeth

    Where can i get the firmware updated.Is it availiable on internet?

  19. Sube

    You have to go to a Verizon store to have them update your Voyager firmware. The new enV Touch (Voyager 2) and the enV 3 both have manual and automatic over the air firmware updates. You can also manually update these phones yourself by going to the below link. There you’ll find a small program to install. It analyzes your phone, determines the existing firmware version and tells you if an upgrade is available. Then, you have the option to upgrade the firmware yourself using LG’s server via your data cable.

    The Voyager forum below is much more comprehensive than this one. Search there for any additional questions you may have.

    Moderator Edit: The Forums can answer any question… we have people standing by actually to answer your question. Post it there, get it answered faster. Simple.