7 responses to “New Images Surface of the Sanyo Katana Eclipse”

  1. User

    Black color:


    There supposed to be a pink color too…

  2. justin

    chris price its a 1.3 mp cam not a 2.0 mp. read the specs on there website before you post incorrect info.

  3. Christopher Price

    First, I didn’t write the article. Second, it was a simple typo. Fixed.

  4. B

    In what country is Kerry Egeler interpreted as Christopher Price. Perhaps it is you who should be reading before posting. It is one thing to point out mistakes, but it is another all together to do it in such a hater way.

    Anyhow on to my question. Will this be the last phone to bare the Sanyo logo or does Kyocera have plans to keep it alive?

  5. Kerry Egeler

    I was looking at the information that was posted previously about this phone, and it was previously indicated that the camera would be 2 megapixels. Sorry.

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