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8 responses to “Verizon Releases Advanced Device List Under New $350 Early Termination Fee”

  1. Don Louie

    I they were going to add non-smart devices like the Versa, enTouch, Rouge, ect. would be added to that list

  2. F1

    I wonder how this can be a smart business move, changing the ETF on older units which are sold post Nov 15th, if so why don’t they just give the consumer the option to take the unit back upon early termination,
    and call it even, if the consumer refuses to fullfill their obligation within a reasonable time, say 48hrs drop off period, subsequently charge them, rather taking the chance of alienating or confusing potential new costumers?

    This excessive policy is just another example of when bad laws and policies only hinder the good people, the crooks have it always their way, because they are at least one step ahead of the respective administration!

    Thank You

  3. Don Louie

    I find it funny that the Touch Pro 2 isn’t on this list. One of the things I wonder about is the non smart devices, will they now fall under the enhanced device list that requires data?

  4. F1

    VZW needs to revise this ETF policy from scratch, it is just too confusing, and it will most certainly, negatively affect potential new accounts.

    Thank You

  5. Don Louie

    I have no problem with ETF’s, that’s the penalty leaving early after getting a subsidized phone. If you move you need to cancel because you moved to an area w/o coverage most carriers will let you out ETF free and armed service members have the same benefit.

  6. Karie

    So tired of verizons lies, I was going to cancel my account in January but it looks like now I’m stuck with this horrible company for 18 more months. Hooray verizon, thank you for bending your customers over. 🙂

  7. Don Louie

    Can we get a story about vzw wanting to pull the Sprint most dependable 3G spots?

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