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5 responses to “Motorola DROID Experiencing Main Speaker Issues”

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  2. F1

    A decade later, I still remember VZW, bragging:
    “the reason we don’t just release new units, is because we test them for extended periods of time, to make sure there are no issues”!!

    As you might recall, it took SPRINT two years to finally get the Razr, because they were burned out with Motorola issues!

    In their defense,
    I seriously believe Motorola has “the gorgeous girl with issues” syndrome, beautiful design and yet horrible sofware and poor QC!

    The design is typically beautiful, the marketing eyecatching and yet the OS is almost always counter intuitive and add to that, missing hardware parts on a range of key products, it is like there is minimal or hardly any interdepartmental coordination.

    I have had countless Motorola products, they sadly have almost always disapointed me! Year after year, product after product, why can this company not get it’s act together?
    They surely have lost their world marketshare and maybe even their touch.

    Thank You

  3. Dan Noble fellow

    This is what happens when MOT lays off experienced American engineers so they can hire low-cost enginners who graduated from school 6 months ago. Karma bites MOT in the keister.

  4. droidusr

    For those of you who think these types of things are specific to Motorola only….the more advanced the device, the more bugs there will be. Just take a look at the iPhone 3.1.2 release notes:

    “fixes the following issues: a sporadic issue that may cause the iPhone not to wake from sleep, an intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular services until restart and fixes a bug that could cause occasional crashing during video streaming.”

    All of these phones will have some issues at one time or another.

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