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22 responses to “Verizon Preparing Two QChat Devices, Palm Centro (Updated)”

  1. Deebrown

    Couldn’t sprint just have outright purchased this technology, or tried to negotiate an exclusitivity agreement for the tech? What will really diffrientiate sprint from their competitors at this point?

  2. ryan

    the difference is seen where it states “Sprint does have exclusivity rights regarding interoperability between Sprint CDMA and iDEN devices”.

    This explains that, basically, the majority (by large) of the people with current PTT service are on Sprint (nextel) and to “beep” them, you have to use Sprint to do it.

    Verizon will do well in having this much greater service for their PTT customers, but in my opinion, it will not effect Sprint at all. Most that tried Verizons first PTT service were unhappy at best, and a lot switched to, or back to Nextel for the faster Direct Connect, and with the large amount of customers relying on DC for business and personal use, i’m not envisioning them going back to verizon so they can loose that access to their business partners and friends. Plus, wih VZW it will most likely be at an additional cost for customers, while Sprint continues to offer its DC service without cost (if on a hybrid or nextel plan)

  3. Sean

    I just don’t see this being a big thing for Verizon. PTT was a cool thing a couple of years ago but it never really took off as much as the Verizon/AT&T wanted. I bet that Verizon will just use it to offer the functionality to businesses that are growing tired of the Sprint service.

    So if I’m understanding this correctly, (and I know that Verizon wouldn’t be able to interact with the iDen side) but Verizon and Sprint QChat will not be able to communicate. This is a major hold up on the whole PTT becoming more popular. Whats the point if I can’t talk to someone else with another carrier. There should be a way for them to interoperate with the new QChat system

  4. John J.

    sprint can still differentiate but this is totally out of left field…I expected PTT devices and even new advanced PTT from VZW but not Qchat which I thought was partly owned by Sprint…

    But I can say that VZW / ATT have a reason to try to exploit sprint and snag up as much business as possible right now. Look at the churn #’s and look at what exploiting us is doing for them right now….they are gaining more customers than ever because its the only way to get new ads. there are more cell phones in circulation than dvd players and cars.. so if you can win customers over its worth every penny….you just have to keep them after that

  5. Danny

    Carrier interoperability of services is always great for consumers who want a choice. So far, voice, SMS and MMS work between carriers.

    For customers on the fence who love their iDEN PTT functionality but hate Sprint, having a service available on another carrier that will work with other Nextel users would be great.

    On the other hand if Sprint allows interoperability of service between their customer base and competitors, it could be another major blow waiting to happen. But then again, that might be the plan all along. Maybe they can correct some wrongs by selling their iDEN customer base to a carrier better equipped to take care of them?

  6. Tony

    The article is incorrect. VZ is deploying a competior to Qchat, not Qchat. Qchat is exclusive to Sprint Nextel. VZ with several vendors is developing and deploying a competing technology that also provides PTT on EVDO Rev A. Very poor reporting.

  7. Anonymous

    The only proprietary thing that Sprint has on Qchat is iDen-CDMA interoperability. Verizon is using QChat over EVDO rA. It is owned by Qualcomm and licensed to whomever pays the rights. just like their chipsets, i.e., Verizon.

  8. xav

    this is the first report i’ve seen that verizon will use qchat proper… up until now it was my understanding that verizon was looking into a qchat competitor or something similar to qchat. i don’t suppose anyone has any substantive evidence or a link to backup either one or the other?

  9. Brian

    Sprint has exclusivity on qChat on CDMA and iDEN. The author incorrectly used the term “qChat” to describe Verizon’s PTT.

  10. Christopher Price

    I think the term QChat is appropriate. While it may be sold under the old BREWChat name, Qualcomm appears to be using QChat technology in a “BREWChat 2.0”

    So, no error, just trying not to confuse. We still don’t know what Qualcomm will bill the final platform as.

  11. Danny

    I wonder if VZ Navigator will be available at launch with their new Blue Centro?

  12. Christopher Price

    It’s not likely, in fact, I’ll go out on a limb here and say it’s not going to happen.

    I sat down with Networks In Motion at CTIA (the company behind VZ Navigator), and they said that a Garnet client wasn’t on their radar. The carriers just weren’t as interested as getting a Windows Mobile client done.

  13. Don Louie

    This is coming out in May, Sprint’s national launch is June. Am I the only one that sees a problem with this. Sprint better bring out all of them at the same time, wish the Pro 800 and 900 would be included

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  15. Don Louie

    This is not good for Sprint at all

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  18. Sandra

    I am looking to purchase a Verizon smartphone soon. Any word on an update as to when the Centro is being released? Also, any pricing updates?


  19. Tyson

    Spoke with a sales guy at the local Verizon Store here in Portland, OR and he says they have received the “dummy” display models for the Centro. But he didn’t have a release date for them.

    Also, if you search the Verizon Wireless site for “Centro” it will come up with a bunch of centro-centric accessories (batteries, chargers, etc.)

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  21. Jeff

    I have used both systems and here are the differences:

    #1. The aforementioned interoperability between QChat and iDEN.

    #2. Speed. QChat is almost instant (less than a second, while BREWChat is well over one second in initial latency).

    #3. BREWChat will work over a dial-up or REV.0 connection, while QChat only works in REV.A areas.

    #4. The ability to have one number for PTT and cellular or two numbers with QChat. You can port your old Nextel number over. Even if you opt for one number for both, QChat has PTT call forwarding. In other words, people who beep your old Nextel number still get through to you.