Motorola Adventure V750 Employee Information Brochure Surfaces

More detailed information has surfaced on the much discussed Motorola V750 clamshell, now known as the Adventure courtesy of an employee information brochure designed for Verizon Wireless sales employees to help them sell the device to potential customers.  Read More for the images and further details.

Ever since the Motorola V750 was first leaked in the form of an internal information slide detailing Verizon’s new Push-to Talk service, the device has caused considerable controversy due to its support for push to talk service over EVDO Rev. A which has led to confusion over exactly which platform the phone is actually using.

Now an employee sales brochure has leaked providing more details about the features and services that the phone supports, but does not answer the most important question, namely what platform is the phone using for Push to Talk over Rev. A?

Images courtesy of PhoneArena.  Click for full-size version.

While the above pictures do little to answer the question, the Motorola V750 Adventure now features a Mil-Spec M810F certified bodyshell designed to withstand harsh vibration, dust, shock, and intense exposure to sunlight as well as extreme cold.

The device will also feature a 2.2 inch QVGA resolution display, a textured keypad with raised buttons for improved tactile feedback, Bluetooth 2.0 with stereo audio support, microSDHC expansion slot, GPS support with VZ Navigator along with expanded functionality to include workforce management software, external touch sensitive media player controls, 2.0 megapixel camera with video recorder, speakerphone, voice control, tethering capability, and expanded VCAST Music support with the addition of the Rhapsody music service for increased music selection.

No pricing or availability information was mentioned in the brochure, but the phone is expected to launch sometime this week according to prior information from leaked roadmaps.

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  1. Don Louie

    If this phone is coming soon why isn’t the Sprint one not with the rest of qchats on 6/15