First Verizon Casio c711 Boulder Images Surface

The first official images of the forthcoming replacement to the Casio G’Zone Type-S have surfaced.

Image courtesy of PhoneArena

The Casio c711 clamshell we previously covered is now known as the Casio Boulder and will feature a Mil-Spec bodyshell along with EVDO Rev. A access for its forthcoming push to talk service, 256 MB of internal memory, 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video capture, GPS support with workforce management applications, media player, Bluetooth, and speakerphone.

Verizon has set a third quarter launch window for the Boulder and its new PTT service with no specific date or pricing information available at this time.

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18 responses to “First Verizon Casio c711 Boulder Images Surface”

  1. Stanium

    The phone does look like a boulder, but has style, too. I think a 1.3 megapixel camera is too old for 2008 cell phone.

  2. Eric Carlson

    Will a model come out without a camera? Many Military locations require a cameraless phones. For example Naval shipyards (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard 12,000 in it’s workforce.)

  3. Matt

    There have been rumors that there will be a non-camera version

  4. ace

    there will be a non camera version, in all stores, this phone will be amazing

  5. FJC

    I still am very attached to my Type V. Ugly as hell, huge, no bluetooth whatsoever, but the only phone that has lasted me more than 18 months. I’ve walked into the bay with the thing in my pocket, I’ve dropped it down stairs, it fell off of my car and tumbled on the street when I forgot it on the roof and it still works. The sound quality is very good and the speakerphone works even in the shower. The camera’s been more than adequate. As for it’s looks, strangely, it’s gotten compliments from the ladies who refer to it as an “adventure” phone. If you’re a metrosexual looking for a cutting edge fashion accessory, this is not the phone for you. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, work on greasy cars, extreme environments, drive a Pinzgauer instead of a Ferrari, and wear Carhartt and Cabelas instead of Armani and Brooks Brothers, get a Casio G’zOne.

    It’s for real men. And some women.

  6. mitch

    when do you think the boulder will hit the market.

  7. Adam

    I just ordered mine the other day at a local Verizon store…it should be here in the morning. I can’t wait. I will post my thoughts/opinions when I get it.

  8. Mark

    would like to hear everyones view after actually using this phone. tried this phone out yesterday at a verizon store and it had the worst sound quality of all the phones I tried, my wife had to turn her cell phone up all the way to clearly hear me. this was the phone I wanted so they opened another one to see if it was just that phone but it did the same thing my brother-in-laws type s was much better.

  9. Adam

    After using this phone for a little more than a week here’s what I have concluded: The sound quality in the ear piece is cannot turn it up more than about 1/2 way w/o it distorting and sounding like garbage. It takes FOREVER to load pictures/videos from your microSD card when you’re trying to view the thumbnails. The reception is not as good as my old LG VX8700 and another annoyance is that you cannot silence the alarm clock w/o opening the phone (very annoying early in the AM lol). Other than that..this phone is cool. I love the looks and the flashlight and the compass. All very cool features. Also, the charging cradle is a nice feature. I have decided to return mine though. I cannot stand the ear piece quality and that should be the number 1 thing that works the best on every cell phone. My friend has the G’zOne Type S and if they could take the internals from that phone and put it into the Boulder’d be one awesome phone. I figure that since I pay $5.99/month for insurance on my phones, if I get one that’s not 100% waterproof and it gets damaged..oh well..I have insurance.

  10. Jon

    The auto pairing for Bluetooth can cause some problems. It will not pair with Parrot car kits. Most phones will allow you to turn off or disable auto pairing,(if they even have it),but they used a software version that does not have that feature. I was told it was a mistake and that they are comming up with an upgrade. It is a nice looking phone with great features. I have not used it in a call and don’t know how the audio quality is but it seems from what I read here that may be an issue. My boss has one and he owns a couple wireless/cellular stores.So if he keeps it I guess it must be OK. I may have one soon,so I will know for sure then.

  11. Chris

    I must agree. The Sound is the worst! Pretty sad to ask clients to repeat themselves numerous times. Taking it back TODAY. P.O.S.

  12. SportyBarbie

    Had to take mine back. Tried in two different states and many different locatoins – mountains, beach, city, rural, etc. Sound was equally bad everywhere. Could understand only half or less of conversations. Couldn’t understand voice mail or my home answering machine at all. Tried turning on of the features off (i forgot now what it was – voice privacy?) and it helped only the slightest. Had to give up. Otherwise, it is PERFECT. Could come in bubblegum pink.

    Hopefully they will come out with a better version for the holidays. I’ll snatch it up. Basically I’m just holding out for the revamped Boulder with better sound. Money in my pocket ready to burn. Come on Casio! You can do it!!!

  13. SportyBarbie

    I realize there are typos ~ using a new keyboard.
    Tried turning ONE of the features off…


    Also, don’t expect Verizon to know anything about this phone. Do some googling on your own to hear about the glitches and potential fixes.

  14. Chris

    I bought the phone because im a big skier and rockclimber and i have broken many phones from doing these things but the truth of the matter is dont buy this phone, go with the anything else, or the motorolla version of the phone. The call quality is beyond horrible as you cant hear anything short of yelling on the other end, and the phone cant handle cold weather at all. Moreover it constantly glitches and ive already returned one because of defects and am on my way to turn in the second one because from the time they gave it too me it hasnt been dropped once but constantly turns off completely and cant send texts even when i have five bars, and know i have perfect signal because verizon has a tower ontop of my barn next to my house. casio should stick to watches and calculators.

  15. Chris

    oh and i talked to a verizon tech, they dont plan on making the speakers or microphone any better because of the “water proofing” buy a headset though and the quality is perfect

  16. BZC

    ok so i just got a warenty replacement on the boulder and they have improved all speakers and have put a raging loud speaker in the front where the verizon badge used to sit it is sweet

  17. Mac

    I don’t have sound issues with mine. just replaced a samsung alias schu-740 and can’t be any happier. very sturdy and durable compared to the samsung which was cool but flimsy-broke the outer LCD the first week I had it. If you plan to get this phone, go to verizonwireless website and order it from there. The local verizon store wanted $149 for it. Got it for $29 brand new in a box and no rebates and was overnighted free of charge via Fedex. You also save $35 on activation when you do it yourself-a very simple 2 step process.

  18. FCR

    1st boulder went back due to the inability to charge the phone. They replaced the phone and now we have number two doing the same thing?

    Will spend another hour at the verizon store and hopefully we can get rid of this nightmare. Could it be the wall charger, we hope it is that simple.