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9 responses to “Verizon Now Offering No Contract Postpaid Service”

  1. Kenneth

    I think Sprint has had something like this for voice a little over two years now. 200 minutes for $29.99, nights @9pm.

  2. Dan

    What does that Sprint plan have to do with this? This is the ability to be on any verizon plan without having a 1 or 2 year contract!

  3. shaniac

    Once a Sprint customer you can switch to any plan without a contract setup or change. A bit of a loophole that you have to set it up for the month to month, no contract plan and then make a change.

    This has been available for sometime and looks to be gaining popularity.

  4. Phoneslinger

    Not a bad idea. From what I’ve read elsewhere it only requires a CDMA device and not just Verizon handsets. Must require to be billed and prepaided against a credit card each month. I wonder how they would handle overages and additional charges, plus are there deposits?

  5. Bill Gates

    Seems a lot like T-Mobile’s FlexPay, a good thing IMO.

  6. Milkbone98

    Overages on T-Mobile’s Flex offerings are handled via a refillable “Flex Account”. To purchase vending machine items, or to continue usage after the initial bucket is depleted, a customer can refill the account via credit or debit card online or with CS, or can purchase prepaid refill cards. One advantage to Flexpay may be that the line is still usable even after the bucket is gone during the free N&W time, or 24/7 to the MyFave contacts.

  7. that guy

    This may in prep for Alltel consuption as they have done this for years. No contract needed on customer owned and maintained equipment. FYI

  8. rickeywillis

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  9. rickeywillis