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3 responses to “UTStarcom Knick, Sidekick Clone with 3G and GPS Revealed for AT&T”

  1. Ameer Robinson

    isn’t HTC the OEM for both Danger and UTStarcom?

  2. Christopher Price

    Danger uses different OEMs… but HTC is not one of them. Sharp is responsible for manufacturing most Sidekicks, Motorola was responsible for the ill-fated Sidekick Slide. PCD (formerly UTStarcom) handles device adaptation and intermediary relations.

    HTC does use PCD (again, formerly UTStarcom) for device approval and carrier relations, on CDMA devices. That is why older HTC CDMA phones were branded as UTStarcom. More recently, HTC uses their brand on the devices, while PCD still handles carrier relations, testing, and approval work in the U.S.

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