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62 responses to “Apple Blocks Developers from Bypassing App Store”

  1. JJ

    It think this is a good solution:

    1) Apple chooses whatever Apps it wants to allow in App Store (“official apps”)

    2) Those not satisfied with Apple’s choices can Jailbreak their phone and use whatever Apps they want on their phone. Jailbreaking is not approved by Apple, thus if you run into problems with those Apps, you’re on your own.

    As I see it, Apple should not restrict Jailbreaking, as it provides an alternate route for those dissatisfied with official policy. Everybody wins.

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  8. james a Dimsey

    is thear some tipe software that well work with a sony iphone g3 for the slingbox

  9. Matt

    I hope someone challenges apple and wins. I think maybe a class action suit might be in order. I don’t know if any of you remember the legal battle between nintendo and galoob over the game genie. Nintendo didn’t want game genies being used on their consoles because it wasn’t something they wanted people to use for numerous reasons. However nintendo lost that lawsuit because you can’t stop people from using their purchased products however they want. If you buy a car, can the company who made it tell you that you can’t buy aftermarket rims or stereo? no. In alot of places they can’t even void your warranty for using said items. I think if someone can get the resources to fight apple on this, they will not win. Just nobody has the funds and/or balls to deal with them and apple knows this. I’m an iphone user as well and I love it, but I don’t like being told what I can’t or can use on it. Jailbreak it if you don’t wanna deal with the app store. Just don’t illegally obtain software or steal anything in the process.

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