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17 responses to “Verizon HTC DROID Eris for $99.99 After Rebate on November 6th”

  1. Niki

    Is it true that the Droid is better than the famous IPhone? Does the Droid have a touch screen?

  2. Christopher Price

    We’ve reviewed the Motorola Droid already, both the Droid and Droid Eris have touch screen.

  3. Keith

    @Niki : “Does the Droid have a touch screen?” Have you been living under a rock?!?!?!? LOL, Just kidding. Yes it has a touch screen and a bit more.

  4. Ryan

    I would much rather have the HTC over the Motorola … but they aren’t going to use Android 2.0? Not sure why they would go with the 1.5 (seems a bit backwards for an introduction of a line of phones to promote new tech). If it becomes available, can they do a firmware update to the phone to push 2.0 or does it require something more than that?


  5. Dinajju

    I would pick any phone over a Motorola any day. I’ve had far too many problems with Motorola hardware, so it really doesnt matter to me if they are the first to release the 2.0. HTC’s sense is an excellent excellent UI, no other phone(besides HTC hero) gives to the ability to have home 7 screens. I’m definitely going to get the Droid Eris but will be frequently checking the web to see if I can upgrade my Eris to 2.0.

  6. James D

    Ryan – Yes Android is working on the firmware 2.0 update and will be sending out the update very soon although no date was given. It should be in the next month or two though.

    Nikki – The Android phones aren’t necessarily better than the iphone, but the newer ones are equal to the iphone. I chose the Sprint HTC Hero over the iphone because you can completely customize it. It has seven homescreens, upgradeable memory, open source (so if there is a problem with software or a program, anyone across the globe with a solution can fix it and put it online for download, instead of waiting for the company to do it), and because sprint’s network is better than AT&T. I chose sprint over verizon because of their plan for 70 bux a month with unlimited calls to any cell phone provider, unlimited text, email, web/data, and 450 landline minutes. I just switched from TMobile cuz they suck haha

  7. Russ

    The heck with the Eris, I’m waiting for the Passion!

  8. Steve

    The htc droid eris will have android 2.0, regardless of what all of these leaks say.

  9. sally

    any idea what the cost of the phone will be for existing customers with a contract renewal?

  10. James D

    It will be the same Sally. Contract renewal is just as good as a new contract for them. =)

  11. Duker

    This is a great price point for a Google phone, I wonder how it compares to the HTC Hero?

  12. James D

    Duker, I’m pretty sure it is the HTC Hero, just for verizon and under a different name.

  13. JJ

    This is the same phone as the sprint hero. Except this one I think looks better than the one for sprint although sprint has nfl mobile live and mobile tv. If only you could flash this phone and use it on sprint.

  14. Don Louie

    Looks are relative, the only thing I like about the Eris is the black color.

  15. Ron

    can you flash the droid Eris to work for Cricket Wireless?

  16. Don Louie

    You probably can but there’s no guarantee services other than talk and text will work