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2 responses to “Nokia to Scrap N-Gage Mobile Gaming Platform in 2010, Shifting Focus to Ovi”

  1. 3 red lights – Nokia to pull plug on N-Gage gaming platform – IT World | XBox Fox

    […] Nokia’s N-Gage blog has confirmed in a post that it will shutter the N-Gage mobile gaming service and community next year in order to shift focus towards gaming on its Ovi platform. The N-Gage platform debuted in 2003 as a dedicated gaming handset continue […]

  2. ali

    While they’re at it, they should scrap any further Maemo development. Android will be what microsoft is to the pc. So either join, or be left out like the other OS’s. I’m not saying that Maemo is not great, I have no idea because its not out yet, but having one operating system for most smartphones makes a lot of sense. Why reinvent the wheel.