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21 responses to “Wal-Mart Exclusively Launching StraightTalk Service Nationwide on October 18th”

  1. JJ

    I checked walmart and they don’t have the samsung 451. Where can I get that phone? The lineup they have now is just regular flip phones. Is there anyway to use an unlocked verizon or cdma phone on their network?

  2. Paul Allen

    You’ll likely be able to do this with Page Plus Cellular’s Talk n Text 1200 plan.
    More minutes and data…

  3. Flower Power

    Walmart online shows the 45.00 card saying unlimited talk, unlimited text , and only 30 meg of data not unlimited 🙁

  4. Matt

    Flower Power, the Unlimited plan now includes unlimited data. In the initial test trials, it was limited to 30MB, but that has since changed since the national rollout.
    JJ, the phones won’t be in the stores till next week, so check back then. If it was one of the test stores carrying the Razr and the Moto 385, it may be a while till they get them since they have to sell through old inventory first.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Benjamin A

    The new phones were available as of this morning on The straighttalk website along with an unmentioned LG candybar. They also updated the coverage map to officially show that the former Alltel areas are now included.

    Now if you could only bring your own phone like you can with PagePlus it would be perfect. Either way you look at it with our economy the way it is I will be switching to one of them in the near future.

  6. russ hadick

    I understand that you can’t roam on these plans and you can’t carry over minutes from month to month on the $300 plan. Is that correct?

  7. Benjamin A

    I know that the straighttalk plan only provides service on the Verizon and former Alltel networks. I am not for sure when if in areas provided by US Cellular for example whether or not the phone connects and provides access through American Roaming Network or if it just displays searching for service. I know PagePlus does connect to other systems but it will cost you $0.59 per minute. It just depends on whats good for you

  8. Jess

    With my Straight Talk phone I can make and receive calls anywhere where there is Verizon coverage nationwide which I must say is the best coverage of all the carriers; I can’t make international call and I can’t use other networks but then I never get any added bills either. I pay my $45 monthly fee and never worry about running out of minutes or going over my limit, I can make as many calls or texts to anyone on any phone in America and stay on as long as I like and I don’t have to pay a cent more.

  9. JJ

    When you buy the $45 card all you pay is sales tax right? So no other type of fees like sprint,verizon or att charge, right? I plan on getting this for my wife with the $30 plan and hoping that all I pay is 30 plus sales tax and thats it. Let me know.

  10. KW

    My husband and I just purchased a Straight Talk phone from Wal-mart, today which is Sunday. I’m trying to find out how come I’m not able to get the phones activated yet. I’ve tried going online to the web site and I keep getting all kinds of error messages and when I try to call them I get that they aren’t available to take my call at this time.

    If Straight is hoping for a big turn over of these phones they really need to either get the web site up and running properly or else have someone manning the phones to help with activations.

  11. sue wii

    I bought a Straighttalk phone today at walmart too…initially i too was getting errror messages on straightalks website–but now its working. you can also call and activate but with LONG wait times

  12. sue wii

    Can you access and read your .EMAIL (i.e. yahoo) from smart talk’s phone??

  13. Mark

    no email yet, hoping to contact support on monday, hope they can fix it

  14. Yvonne B

    Hey I was in Wal-mart today and to my surprise I noticed that you upgraded your phones. So you know what that means I’m switching next month to Straight-Talk. I see someone understood that you had to compete with the other fancy phones. Way to go! Can’t wait to get started.

  15. Thedy Cornelius

    I am a cingular customer, I am looking at your phones and minutes plans but was just wondering on your 30 month plan it shows 1000 minutes, 1000 texts plus 30mb mobile web access, just wondering how much time does 30mb web access mean? on minutes, hour how much time?

  16. Alina

    I got a StraightTalk phone as a Christmas present and love it! 1000 minutes for $30/month is a great deal! I only use the phone to talk/text so I don’t know a single thing about the data portion – sorry Thedy!

  17. phonemanfred

    I love this company. I have the 45$ unlimited plan. I have used this plan for the last three months and have been saving an incredible sum of money. The reception is top notch and the price is to good to pass up.

  18. Tiffany

    I am currently using AT&T. I get limited minutes and limited texts for a flat rate per month…a HIGH flat rate per month…PLUS every time I go over my minutes or texts, my bill SKY ROCKETS. I am a student and need a cell phone plan that is well priced & will NOT sky rocket – after researching StraightTalk by Tracfone, I have decided to try the service as it seems to be just what I need. For $45 a month, I will get unlimited texts and unlimited minutes…which means, no more sky rocketing bills. I can’t wait to cancel my AT&T account…However, I don’t look forward to paying the penalty fee for ending my contract early. Unlike StraightTalk…NO CONTRACT. SO LONG AT&T & YOUR HIGH RATES! HELLO REASONABLE!

  19. Ellie Golden

    I filled my account at 7 a.m. this morning yet the recording says I have no minutes what happened why can’t I make calls?
    My telephone is 904-400-3733 please call me at 904-766-8331

  20. The7keys

    The new “Smart” phone is kind of “Dumb”. Come on Straight Talk, give us a real smart phone with a real big screen.

  21. soke

    the problem is not the phone but staight talk customer service. Today makes the second week now trying to port my number from one straight talk phone to another nokia e71. they keep sending me a not valid sim card twice now, and they don’t even have the courtessy of using the fedex overnight shipping. Right now as i am talking i still don’t have phone. I bet by this time next week, the problem will still not be resolved, i can see this coming.That is the problem with this virtual networks, they don’t have their own towers.