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21 responses to “Sprint Announces HTC Hero for October 11th”

  1. F1

    Every day more bad news:

    1.Yesterday: the revised HERO pic, I love how only one shot is leaked!
    2.Today:Better yet is the Pill of death….forced Everything PLan!!
    3. Next more ACCOUNT LOSSES!

    Thank You


    the phone is very powreful , i dont know how i can get one. or how i can link with consumer in nigeria.

  3. F1
  4. JT

    The Press release says it requires a plan with unlimited data, but doesn’t say specificly that it must be a Simply everything plan.

    So Will SERO work with this phone. Or do I have to hack it like the palm pre.

  5. JJ

    I think it will work with sero. I guess we will soon find out. If sero doesn’t work with this then that really means that sprint is trying to force people out of it and get you onto a more expensive plan. Lets hope thats not the case.

    Does someone have any pics of this phone from the back or sides?

  6. JJ

    Does this version of the hero have teflon coating still?

  7. JJ

    Found some more pics of sprint hero. Courtesy of cnet:;txt

    Hopefully link works.

  8. Alex

    WOW I have to say elated, excited, geeked up, uber happy, I can go on and on are just some of the feelings that are running through my head. As a loyal Sprint customer for over 10 years, this day will be marked as a serious highlight. This plus Simply Everything Plans…. you can’t loose!

    GREAT JOB DAN!! Looks like your going to actually beat Verizon to the punch… pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Its this sort of business acumen that will bring Sprint back to where it belongs, America’s best carrier.


  9. keith

    Called sprint and spoke with csr. She never heard of the hero but did tell me that the htc touch pro 2 would require an upgraded simply everything plan. I cant believe they expect us to pay more than double for the same exact thing

  10. Mike

    Is the Sprint Hero going to support exchange??


  11. F1


    Thank you for the great pic link!

    According to the bottom link, it does confirm the teflon coating!
    If the pics are indeed the Sprint edition, note the lack of branding,it looks surprisingly sophisticated and elegant.
    By far one of the best looking Sprint phones yet!
    Seems like it has a granite finish,so safe to conclude no smudge or fingerprints magnet, brushed metal nice touch. Also the MicroSD slot is likely under the cover, also I think if you have Data, you should be O.k.!
    I am hoping we get a good “Sprint Hero version” review soon.

    Thank You

  12. Don Louie

    keith, don’t believe half of what CSR’s tell you. According to all the reports I’ve read an unlimited data plan (same as all smartphones) or an Everything plan is required.

  13. Christopher Price

    We expect an Everything plan will be required. The pre-activated Sprint Navigation and Sprint TV are pretty much assured at this point. Android isn’t connected to the Vision store, so that’s their internal excuse.

    Sprint Relay data-only plans might get a waiver to use it. Might.

  14. JJ

    Just spoke with everyting plus/sero dept and they said sero would work with the Hero. Im hoping rep was correct. Ill surely order my hero and see what happens.

  15. parrott84

    JT, what do you mean hack it like you hacked the Palm Pre, I haven’t heard of this. Can you elaborate?

  16. Christopher Price

    It is possible to clone the ESN of the Pre to mimic another phone. The legality of this is debatable, but we believe that the WTCPA deems the phone owner to be an authorized user, so, theoretically if you really, really want a Pre on SERO, it can be done.

    And no, I don’t know the workflow to do it. We’re busy and cloning phones is something outside what we consider to be a “clean” hack.

  17. JJ

    I would like to try the pre but with all the features the tp2 has I just can’t see myself purchasing a pre. The pre is just like an iphone, it is purchased for fun and games. Although the pre I think is a little more serious than the iphone. But in the end I will be trying out the hero. Android looks very promising. The good news is that the tp2 doesn’t require an everything plan if you are on sero and hopefully this one won’t either like the rep told me on the phone. Lets hope they were right.

  18. Keith

    Spoke to another csr at Sprint SERO and they told me that word just came down that the ONLY phones that REQUIRE a Simply Everything plan are the Pre and the Instinct (All Versions). Unfortunately he never heard of the Hero either but he did confirm that the Touch Pro 2 would work on SERO and was going to give me a call back when it officially comes out on sprint. I am probably going to hold out for the HERO. PS, I went to the nearby T-Mobile store that has the Touch Pro 2 and a similiar version to the Hero. Definitly a good place to try these phones before buying!

  19. Feech

    Chris, I want to congratulate you guys on the scoop a few months ago. When most other people and bloggers cast doubt on your stories it nice to see you guys get it right. Now if you could get us some video of this phone besides the crappy 10 seconds that most of us has seen that would be great..

  20. beebo

    Just curious if anyone can confirm visual voice mail on this piece …

  21. JJ

    beebo, the hero is supposed to have visual voicemail. Lets hope its true. here is an article courtesy of cnet:

    I might be going to best buy this weekend to place my preorder. Its going to be weird not having a new wm phone. We’ll see what happens.