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2 responses to “Motorola Announces i856 Debut for Boost Mobile”

  1. eslendy

    wow i wana order this cell

  2. Nancy

    It is nice to have a music player with the features this has built in, with me and charged when I want it. I like the slider type phone. It is unreliable, I’ll bet they will have to replace this one for the second time under warranty. This is only the 3rd different cell phone I have had in 11 years, so I’m not hard on them. It seem trouble prone I’m having trouble with my second phone. The first one they were unable to fix the intolerable delay in the software. This one had been fine till about two days ago. Now the screen will go blank and the phone cannot even be dialed manually so it is more than just a screen issue. Also the motorola original belt clip is not secure. I had had my first one fall out of the holder more in month than my i710 did in 5 years. It seem it is not going to be a good phone going on 3rd one in 7 months.