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12 responses to “iPhone 3G/3GS to Receive MMS Update on September 25th”

  1. Jeff

    What about costs?

  2. Will

    This is great love my iPhone and the only problem I had was mms. Glad to see AT&T got it done.

  3. David

    About time they get off there butts and release it. Should have been months ago. Last I heard on pricing it is included with your txting plan.

  4. SaltyDawg

    Now all the iPhone fanboys that have been saying they didn’t care about MMS all this time can rejoice and talk about how great it is now that they have it. And everyone can act like the iPhone is the first and only phone to ever have MMS.

  5. David

    I have read other articles that claim AT&T will include mms under ther sms plan. But your right we will see what they do.

  6. provox11

    what about tethering

  7. Scott

    That would be early fall, not late summer as promised. Just sayin’

  8. Deodato

    Yeah Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. AT&T is notorious for making excuses for everything. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened next year. Verizon has something cooking with Apple as we speak. You guys will see. It will be great! The Verizon network is way better than AT&T’s. AT&T dropped the ball hard on this one.

  9. Rocky Rogue

    Hmm… MMS or countless multi-million dollar bonuses for AT&T execs? Guess they got their money and realized, “Hey! We can activate MMS and then fleece even more money out of customers in the long run! Woo hoo!” AT&T will see some serious repercussions from the iPhone debacle at some point….we can only hope. I’m going to throw more money in the pit by paying my bill right now with AT&T’s “free” app. Look closely at your bill. There’s a 99-cent charge next to “Stick It To Customer.”

  10. Elijah

    Lol yea it’s gettin to be rediculous. With these bills I’ve been recieving