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2 responses to “Sorry Android Police, Verizon Will Activate Your Off-Network Nexus 6”

  1. Chris

    I believe it is possible to activate an unlocked Nexus on Verizon with out tricking the system. I purchased 2 new Nexus 6 64 GB directly from Motorola on March 13th and my local Verizon company store was able to activate them for me on my unlimited data plan with two new SIM cards, all at no charge. I wanted new SIM cards because while I understand I could have trimmed down our older larger versions, I wanted the functionality of the new style. There was some difficulty for the staff at first, but they ended up getting it done by “forcing” the activation of the new cards or something like that. I appreciate the tenacity of the staff, it took a couple days of trial and error, we even got a few layers of tech support involved from both Verizon and Motorola, but we now have 2 fully functional Nexi in the family while retaining our data plan. The store staff were very curious to see the non Verizon 64gb models without the added software and branding that they were just starting to see with Verizon’s official versions. We are loving our new phones, I switched from a HTC Thunderbolt so I suppose anything would have made a dramatic difference, but we will now have regular updates and no bloatware. Incidentally, we were able to retain loss and accidental damage insurance, something unfortunately I may appreciate someday.

  2. RPGay

    Makes total sense. It’s tough “activating” phones on Sprint or Verizon that are too used to not having people walking in, in a BYOD manner. Annoying work around but hardly impossible. How did you figure out this work around anyway?