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9 responses to “Motorola Droid Autofocus Fix Update Confirmed, Eris Updated to “At Least 2.0” in 1Q 2010”

  1. Rob

    Can i use a aftermarket solar charger with my droid phone? Does motorola include any software that prohibits aftermarket chargers form working?

  2. Christopher Price

    I’ve run into no Palm Pre-like problems on aftermarket chargers. The Droid is the first Motorola phone that appears to drop the charger verification crud.

    I do not know if there is enough power supply from an aftermarket solar charger, those are typically the most likely to cause charging problems with a phone.

  3. Brad

    I couldn’t tell you about the solar charger, but I use my old LG charger from my old phone on my droid everyday and it works fine!

  4. nubsauce

    USB is USB. Of course any USB charger will work.

  5. Christopher Price

    Funny. Tell that to any Nokia, Palm Pre or Moto Synergy/MAGX-era phone owner. While the Droid matches HTC’s class-act status on USB power, USB isn’t USB.

    Protection chips, and voltage variances continue to plague mobile USB charging.

  6. dave

    My Droid Eris has worked with every mini usb charger I’ve tried…. it works with a plain old usb cable into any AC/USB converter or cigarette lighter USB adapter.

    gotta love that

  7. Otis

    Does this mean we can expect the HTC Hero on Sprint to get a 2.0 upgrade too?

    Or will sprint just leave it at 1.5 and continue to charge twice as much as Verizon for an inferior product?

  8. Christopher Price

    Google has said that they expect to upgrade all HTC Hero models to Android 2.0. The only device really in question of getting an Android 2.0 upgrade officially, is the T-Mobile G1.

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