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6 responses to “Google Updates Maps for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Includes Starring Functionality, Sync”

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  2. VicMatson

    Can you star from the phone? Android has a really good feature where you can add the location as a contact, if the give an option to add as star that would be killer to road warriers.

  3. Christopher Price

    Yes, you can now star from the phone. Haven’t checked on Contact Sync… but I don’t think it’s there.

  4. SaltyDawg

    It would be nice if Google released their new Navigation app for WM…

  5. VicMatson

    Good to hear, my maps(from your PC account) syncs fine and so do contacts so it may be safe to assume that stars will sync both ways the same.

    Now, if you’ve ever used a Droid you could appreciate how putting an icon right on the docked home screen would knock this out of the park.

  6. Christopher Price

    Navigation should be released on Windows Mobile next year. Google has said they have plans to roll it out on every Maps platform that will support it.

    The only two platforms that are really questionable are J2ME (since 99% of American phones don’t allow unsigned Java apps to tap LBS), and iPhone (since Apple may reject the app). Symbian, Windows Mobile, and webOS are all but assured by what Google said, it’s more a matter of when.