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8 responses to “AT&T and Verizon Drop Coverage Claim Litigation”

  1. JB

    “Extensive coverage” as in this?

    “Readers of are too smart to listen to advertising from either side, and come here for the real facts anyways. And, because of that, we think two sentences is all the time we should waste on the matter.”

    Could you provide what I’ve missed? I clicked on the “Verizon” tag and didn’t see anything related to the lawsuits nor the ads war.

  2. Christopher Price

    Sarcasm. Obviously, we found this story to not be worth the attention it was getting, which is why we thanked readers for tuning in to our “extensive coverage”.

  3. Jeff

    So, when is AT&T going to get their coverage map to line-up with Verizon?

  4. Christopher Price

    AT&T probably will never answer the question in those terms. AT&T argues that they have more coverage than Verizon, or at least equal coverage when factoring in their GSM/EDGE coverage.

    The problem is that AT&T is too late in this round of technology to invest heavily in a UMTS network expansion. With LTE entering the marketplace within the next two years, Verizon will be spending billions deploying LTE, and AT&T will have to match that with their own LTE network.

    The result is you’re likely to see UMTS coverage outpaced by LTE, as AT&T will look to replace GSM with LTE, allowing them to deprecate both GSM and UMTS networks.

    Timeline? Circa 2015 to 2018. LTE is going to be expensive to deploy at first, and is still a rather unproven technology (at least, compared to WiMAX).

  5. JB

    Sorry for ruining the joke, lol!

  6. F1

    What a shame, as usual, much to do about nothing,
    they failed to follow it up with any real action, wasted millions of dollars on hollow statements and legal treats, without proving any point, as usual they were simply too spineless to actually stand their ground.

    Egoistic CEO’s acting just like children, what else is new, maybe they should learn to instead act as two of the 21st Century’s Telecom giants, with some level and sense of social responsibility !!

    Thank You

  7. 44

    AT&T Doesnt work here in Hazelhurst Ga. Verizon does.

  8. Kal

    Verizon sucks. Tried them fir two weeks and it was not only the worst service ever but the phones sucked. Took everything back and went with AT&T. Got myself an Iphone and have been happy ever since. I feel sorry for you Verizon customers. AT&T is now and will forever be #1.