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3 responses to “Our Take on the AT&T vs Verizon 3G Ad Wars”

  1. Steven

    Perfect! ’nuff said.

  2. Jeff

    In reality, coverage difference can make a difference for people. I kept my datacard with Sprint despite moving my voice service to AT&T (for the iPhone) primarily because of their data coverage.

    On the flip side, I haven’t found AT&T’s 3G coverage to be a problem since I spend the vast majority of my life in and around medium+ sized cities. On the occasion I do drive somewhere, Edge is disappointing, but I experience it so rarely that having the iPhone makes up for it.

  3. Rich

    I am currently with Sprint. I’ve provided tech support for ATT and Verizon. Given a choice between the two networks, I would go with Verizon in a heartbeat. VZW’s voice and data networks are top notch, and consistently reliable. ATT on the other hand, not nearly as pervasive, and seems to be continually experiencing some sort of data issue. From a cost perspective, I will stay with Sprint for the moment because the same features on VZW would cost me $30 more per month.