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5 responses to “Time Warner Launches Road Runner Mobile WiMax Service”

  1. Christopher Price

    This may be the worst offering yet. Clear and Sprint’s direct pricing is cheaper all-around.

    Do they really think people are going to pay a $10/month premium for combined billing?

  2. Duker

    good point, I am struggling with this math…

  3. Leon

    Here is a thought….

    Depends how you look at it. Before I was paying 200 to verizon for 2 black berries. Then we were stuck in a contract with AT&T for internet and tv. The mobile speeds are too slow for me. So tack on another 150.

    So since I am on the same budget as many folks, wanted to save some cash. Bought androids, dlink dwa-140, dlink dir-628 router, and ordered the turbo plan which is 15mb plan. I then added a domain, dns service with DynDns, and open dns to be safe. installed bittorrent, and a torrent dish app. Then setup a PBX box, Gvoice account.

    Now I can access my 15mb connection where ever I go for voice or internet, make calls etc. For TV, used a open source DVR system, installed a old computer, and use the 5GHZ connection and get free movies, music and tv in HD always on demand.

    With that I was able to drop my mobile, internet and tv. I did not need the service above with the plan I made, but the added service for 10 bucks a month may be worth it if you don’t have the time. I wanted the experience.

    Now by signing up, I was able to stick it to the man so to speak, by taking my 350.00 mobile, tv and internet bill and pay only 56.00 a month. In 1 year I will save $3600.00. Maybe Hawaii is in order at that time!

  4. Christopher Price

    Leon, that all sounds great. But it doesn’t change that you could have signed up with the same 4G service from Clear directly… and save an additional $120/year.

    Signing up for Clear takes 90 seconds. I know, because I just did it on a new setup. You plug the card in, and sign up from a popup web browser window that appears. How is that 90 seconds worth $120/year?

  5. Leon

    Sorry that was me getting excited getting my plan running. I know what your saying. That has not hit the LA market yet but I would say there is no reason to switch on your end, certainly not worth it your getting the same either way if your talking the 4G same service more money. Seems like time Warner has some deal with Earthlink as well.

    I work out of house with my wife, run servers, travel etc. Getting about 8-10mb connections with bittorrent in the mix remotely and at home range from 15-20MB. 4G is at 500K-6mb, but in says it can be close to 100mb soon, very exciting.