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4 responses to “Verizon Wireless and Google Reach Slight Consensus on Net Neutrality”

  1. SaltyDawg

    Utterly ridiculous. Looksl ike Google sold us out. We knew where Verizon stood, but I’m dissapointed to see Google join them.

    I wonder if this is part of some secret deal for Verizon to start carrying more Google branded phones.

  2. James Eccles

    Look not even one day has passed and Verizon is already changing its tune. No the devil is in the details and hopefully the FCC sticks to its guns and does what is right for everyone not just the ones that can afford millions to lobby.

  3. SaltyDawg

    Anyone reading this, please go to
    and sign their petiton (which sends an email the FCC and your local congress reps).

    We don’t have a lot of time on this. The telecom industry has more paid lobbyists fighting net nuetrality than there are members of Congress. this certainly isn’t much, but it’s better thannothing. And it will only work if we all band together.

    Visit the site, sign the petition, and spread the link to everywhere you can think of. it has easy one click links to share it on facebook and twitter too, so make sure you at least do that…

  4. Verizon and Google in Talks to Negotiate Access Priority (Updated) |

    […] The ramifications of such an agreement could have lasting consequences regarding the net neutrality debate, as Google has been a staunch supporter of the current FCC administration’s efforts to enforce the idea of net neutrality through the Comcast-BitTorrent decision in 2008 which was overturned in April, and through the preliminary formulation of an official policy on net neutrality in October of last year, with both Verizon and Google CEOs reaching a slight consensus. […]