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43 responses to “We Did It: Verizon to Unlock GPS on Windows Mobile”

  1. Dave

    About time!!!!! Welcome to the year 2000……..

  2. Wesley

    Now If only they would do this for the q9c it would be wonderful news for me!

  3. joe

    When will this happen? (I have an i910)

  4. Blackberry User

    I am about to fire Verizon anyway. All my friends using LifeInPocket free GPS Navigation, no mater they are with AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile even AllTel while I have been paying $10 a month for VZ Navigator which is much worse then the LifeInPocket.

    I was using Motorola which Verizon blocked it then I upgraded to Blackberry while Verizon still blocking it.

    Who cares about Win Mobile, they were supposed to be open anyway! Goodbye Verizon!

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  6. Danh

    Woo Hoo! This is fantastic news. Any firmware release date announced yet?

  7. Brian

    Will believe it when I see it. A phone call to Verizon about this and they will say, “I’m sorry sir, we havn’t hear anything about that”.

    Question about the article though, at the end it states

    “…however they do have the firmware to enable GPS right now on the XV6800 and XV6900.”

    Is this available somewhere, or did I misunderstand?

  8. Tim

    This “locked gps” policy is one of the biggest reasons that I am not buying a new verizon phone yet. I keep hoping they will get real with what consumers want/expect. I want unlocked GPS !

  9. david

    they need to include the Motorola Q9c, as well.

    simply ridiculous

  10. david

    I have a q9c…. I will be discontinuing my service with the big red check…… I am sick and tired of NOT GETTING WHAT I PAID FOR and having some corporate strong hold around my neck. I have VZNavigator too….. what a POS

  11. Brian

    This is a follow up to Chris’s reply back on December 24th (above) regarding Verizon possessing the firmware that would unlock GPS. After reading that a second time, there is nothing in the article suggesting that Verizon has a firmware upgrade to unlock the XV6800/XV6900 at all. Only that they have a firmware upgrade for their most recent and upcoming devices Touch Pro, Omnia i910, & Sage. So do they really possess such an upgrade or do they even give a damn about theses older model devices. My feeling is they just dont care and it really makes no good business sense to offer such upgrades as these are older, soon to be outdated/unsupported models. I am alos beginning to wonder about this unofficial upgrade for the XV6900 which was posted back in November on the same website. Is there really any truth to this being an un-official upgrade from Verizon itself? It is now January and I have checked the website for an official release with no luck. As stable an upgrade it appears to be thus far, my suspicion only grows larger with each day.

  12. Brian

    Looks like my suspicion has been put to rest.

  13. Mike

    Brian, what do you mean “my suspicions have been put to rest”? Does the MR2 update on unlock the GPS on the XV6800? I just went through hell updating my 6800 to MR1 and would hate to go through that again with MR2 only to find the GPS still locked.

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  15. Tronage

    So I’m just in the market, and thinking about the touch pro, or the omnia i910, both of which are the mentioned candidates for gps unlocking. Has there been any word on if/when this will happen besides first 1/2 of the year (since we are just about to wrap up the first 1/4)? At a local VZW Store I asked the techs, and they hadn’t even heard of this, and said it probably won’t happen. But perhaps they are just uninformed. Anyway if anyone recently picked one up, or if there has been a firmware upgrade released, or even an ETA announced, that would help my phone purchasing choice. Thanks!

  16. Jeff

    I just got the Omnia i910 from Verizon and the GPS is still locked. Furthermore, I’m getting the same runaround about a firmware upgrade. It’s already March, and this was promised back in mid December. Looks like they may be planning on going back on their promise and still put profit over customer service. It’s ridiculous to have a Windows Mobile Pocket PC and not be able to use the full functionality of the device. Hopefully someone can follow up and find out when this will be available.

  17. Jeff

    Looks like Verizon doesn’t mind out-and-out lying to it’s customers either, as long as it makes them a profit. I just got off the phone with Samsung, and contrary to what is posted on several message boards and what Verizon is telling their customers, Samsung is NOT currently working on a firmware upgrade for Verizon that will unlock the GPS.

  18. Kobe

    Hello, I’m a Verizon customer,and I’m using the Omnia i910 phone. since I got that phone from Verizon, they required I have to use the internet plan which is I have to pay $35 a month. Is it really true that we have to use the service ? at home, at work I had the internet already, also the phone have the WI-Fi option, so you can connect anywhere if the Wi-Fi provided. May I ask, can we cancel the internet service plan ? Like AT&T can use plan or leave it. Thanks for the answer.

  19. Dan

    We didn’t do it!
    It must have been an eirly April Fools joke…

  20. Danny

    If we did it where is the firmware? Do we have any idea when this will happen?

  21. omniad

    what’s the quickest way to get news of the firmware update for download when it comes?

  22. Bernard Farrell

    I would guess that calling Verizon customer service to complain wouldn’t make much difference. Is there an individual that we can call to complain about this? If so, please post details (email, phone, etc.).

  23. Bernard Farrell

    Looking around it appears that Steve Schwed in Verizon has been promising this update since December 2007. His email address is Maybe if enough of us email him about the delay in getting this upgrade out to us something would happen.

  24. Michael

    I have been searcing for an update for the omnia since i bought it. I recently came across 2 websites claiming that an unoffical beta rom is out to unlock the gps and adds a few features for the i910. I thought i would share these sites here.

  25. somedude

    The GPS is working for the Omnia! I can use google maps, igo8, etc.

    Get over to modaco and get the fix before its too late!

  26. DJyoSNOW

    I’ve don the samsung omnia rom update wich gave me more features better battery life ect.! I still have yet to figure out how to us the supposed unlocked gps. I did a phone settings change and now get a specific 3rd party application message. Though Live Search & Googles map still don’t recognize the gps which is supposedly updated and unlocked?

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  28. omnia user

    this is BS! they make you PAY to use their GPS software, which ONLY works when you’re in a data service area! WEAK!

  29. Skeets

    Talked to Verizon Tech Support on another issue and asked the question about unlocking GPS. He said yes, it is true that GPS on Omnia will be unlocked but it depends on Microsoft when they will release the patch. He did not clarify how the patch will be released or how the upgrade will be issued to current customers. Also, there was no time frame established. He also recommended not to use ROM updates available on the internet because Verizon will not be responsible in failure.

    In reality, I think it is all hogwash, they are making money from us by charging $10.00 a month so why would they will give it up?

  30. Hating Verizon

    I have talked to Verizon customer support twice recently, because they WILL NOT answer their email, about the GPS and they are telling me they still have no plans to unlock the GPS. This is a HUGE issue for me because of the nature of my work. I may soon switch back to Sprint or go to AT&T so I can get phones that function at their potential. I was told on the phone twice this week that there are no plans to open the GPS on the phones.

  31. Eric

    Well all you Verizon Haters look they did as promised. New ROM unlocked GPS and it works with Bing, Google MAps…

  32. Mike

    Which ROM is that? Do you mean MR2? That is 8 months old and does not unlock GPS.

  33. Roaddog861

    How did you get Bing to work? I can get Google maps to work but not Bing. It keeps telling me that it cannot find my location.

    The rom is called the CF03 update. I found mine at the Samsung website.

  34. michael esson

    Be careful with the CFOS update from Samsung website. I installed that update and it worked for a few minutes. I then had a problem where I had no phone services. Contacted Verizon and they told me I would have to do a hard reset. Did a hard reset and now my samsung omnia freezes up all the time. Verizon informed me that although they have a contract with samsung with their omnia verizon do not approved the samsung update.

  35. Bryan DeFranco

    Feb. 2010, Verizon & PCD (HTC) phones will not unlock the GPS on many sets including the xv6800.. Told by Verizon suppt AND PCD support.

  36. Bryan DeFranco

    I read all the comments and even followed the xv6800 link above, but all I find are statements that the MR2 upgrade does not unlock GPS.