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12 responses to “Verizon to Launch HTC Touch Pro as XV6850 on November 24th”

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    […] Phonenews reports that Verizon will be releasing the XV6850, their version of the HTc Touch Pro, on the 24th November online and through telesales, with in store availability set for 1st December. […]

  2. joey zaza

    holi balonies…..about goddam time….verizon is such a haggler…i dont know how else to put it but it took them 6 months b4 a new release….anyways, 349$ is a bit too steep dont u think!??????

  3. Soren

    Hey Chris, you sure it is 512 MB of RAM? Had read they were reducing the RAM to 192 MB, and the ROM would be 512. Could be wrong though…

  4. Humberto Saabedra

    Soren, please refrain from addresing anyone directly, as its counter-intuitive to the nature of commenting.

    As far as the numbers go, swap the RAM and ROM figure and you’ve got it. It’s important to note that Verizon advertises their ROM figure after OS usage, so the ROM number before usage is still 288 MB as is the Sprint and AT&T versions.

  5. Soren

    My apologies Humberto, didn’t see that you wrote the review. Was not trying to be condescending or even remotely nasty. I was honestly surprised to see the specs and wanted to know if my information was right or wrong.

    You guys always do a top notch job here. Only wanted to provide some input.

  6. Dominic Sitto

    i dont like how verizon changed the phone its more boxier and uglier then sprints and at&ts and less ram space and it cost more having a lot of secend thoughts first verizon rejected the i phone and now make this phone worse and make it really expensive whats wrong with verizon

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  8. paul

    I checked out the Omnia i900, and the storm,,,,and they are like a 3rd grade toy compared to the Touch Pro—it is absolutely wonderful,,,,,remote access to home computer —you don’t have to worry about a RAM or ROM issue,,,,,micro SD card,,,in Verizon’s model—-with a corporate rate,,, it cost 269.00—–Touch Flo is beautiful!!!

  9. antyhero

    Which GPS chip in this device ?

    I`m have HTC 6800 and GPS on him work VERY BAD.

    I want by this device, i think him GPS work good.

  10. Christopher Price

    It’s all about firmware. The Touch Pro has better firmware that improves communication with the gpsOne silicon. The hardware in the 6800 is excellent, it’s the software that doesn’t communicate well with it.

    That’s why hacked XV6800s have excellent GPS.

  11. Kenji

    can this be unlocked to be used with another carrier, or only works with verizon?

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