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24 responses to “Verizon Network Extender Unboxing & How to Get it For Less”

  1. bob

    are we sure about a discount with the VIP account?
    i talked to verizon and they don’t agree with that comment in the article.

  2. bob

    ok thanks – will follow up on this further

  3. Joe Schmoe

    I called Verizon, and they didn’t have any discount in my area (94010). However, I pushed them and they gave me $50 off anyway when I bought on the same phone call …

  4. Michael Hudec

    Has it been confirmed that if and when you are on the femtocell network at your home that you are not charged for airtime? Have look through the Verizon wireless website and it does noit definitely say so… Can anyone confirm that its unlimited minutes on the femtocell network?

  5. Michael Hudec

    Forget it… Unlike the Sprint Airwave which you get unlimited calling will on that network… I have confirmed with Verizon that your standard calling plan still applies while on femtocell… which of course is stupid. So basically, you are paying $249.00 for better cell service (period). NO UNLIMITED CALLING!! So Sprint Airwave even with the monthly charge of $5 is better as it allows the unlimited calling…. Thanks Verizon!!!!!

  6. Diana

    Will the Verizon Network Extender work with a router and a verizon USB aircard?

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  8. Justin

    This thing pays for itself, I’d take paying outright over Sprints monthly fee anyday.

  9. YJD

    this thing (verizon extender) works great!!

  10. Bob

    I got my for free. I called and complained or 2 mo about my service. They finally agreed that there was nothing they could do to help me. After talking with a super I got it for free. However after getting it, It does not work. They claim it is an issue on their end will have it fixed in 24hrs. I’m not a Verizon fan and ready to stop my contract.

  11. Marilyn

    I have bought two of them from the local Verizon Store. The first one I took back, it worked somewhat for approx. 2 hours by then the unit was hot to the touch…. I took it back and tried another one, still doesn’t help my service… I use a Verizon aircard and have excellent connection on the Internet, still can’t figure out why this thing won’t work!!!!! BTW, $ 249 is extremely HIGH PRICED!!!! NO DISCOUNTS, NO NOTHING…

  12. David Darnell

    I complained about very bad net and voice at home. Tier 2 called me back, said they were not going to add a tower in the foreseeable future, and offered the extender at $125. I waited, called 4 weeks ago to confirm the $125 price, was told yes by customer support. last two days, I went extended period with NO net coverage. I emailed them last night about it – they called today, could not find my calls about the $125 in their call logs. Said the best they could do was $50 off. I asked them to email Tier 2 about it (today is Sunday. Will expect to hear from them on Monday (tomorrow, 10/5/2009.) Tier 1 said there WAS a newer tower. We reprogrammed the phone, and got stable 1X, but that is not unusual… Will have to wait and see if that solves the problems.

    is it possible that management scrubbed the logs?

  13. Jamie

    I was thinking of getting one of these after being told I was in a great coverage zone. YEAH RIGHT. My house is a total dead zone. We were standing out in the yard, which is fine, until winter set in early here in the Northeast. Anyway, I called CS about the Extender and complained about how they assured us we had great coverage, when in fact was a lie, thinking we could get it for 1/2 or free like our neighbors (as they did for them). Gasp! They NEVER do that. After being made to feel a fool but everyone insisting they were lying, I am so glad I found this site. I am so livid with Verizon and I can’t wait for AT&T to build that cell tower a few streets over from me. LOL. Why waste the money if you can pay this amount to cut ties?

  14. Kelly

    I got my first network extender and the antenna was broke then they sent me another one and its worked great I got the 50 bucks off the retail price mine was 210 but I am in a dead zone and have no issues. I love it and just today I got my first droid phone and works no issues. now testing it outside is another matter I have to wait 5 feet of snow here in northen WI is a issue yet we will see how good its works have to wait for spring…

  15. John

    I negotiated one for 1/2 price. $125. vs the $250 retail. I simply told them that my wife’s AT&T work supplied phone gets great reception at my house whereas my verizon service was awful. I’d say 9/10 calls get dropped. I told then straight out that I was going to change carriers. They immediatly offered me the 1/2 off deal. I kept pushing trying to get it for free, but they wouldn’t go for it. My advise is to tell them you’ll cancel (best if your out of contract like I am). Why should you pay $250 when you are already paying for the service. Anyway, I hooked it up last night. I’m getting 3-5 bars throughout the house where before I had 0-1 bar if I was lucky. I really didn’t want AT&T.. they nickel and dime you to death worse than any carrier.

  16. Deb

    Verizon just told me about it and said the price had just dropped pretty significantly – I am in the Midwest, am a VIP customer, and was given $99 as the price for the extender.

  17. Paula

    I have a problem paying for a service but not receiving said service unless I pay more. That’s not right! I cannot use my phone at all in my home! Of course, there is nothing they can do – except charge me more.

  18. jeffrey

    yes verizon suck my cell phone will not work and the will not help at all

  19. pb

    I have good reception for Verizon where I live, and friends with ATT phones stuggle more than I do. But in my apartment I never had more than 1 bar, and that was in a specific location. I assume it is the material of the building, because right outside I get good reception. To solve it I purchased the Network extender and I know has 4 bars all the time. I was never charged a monthly fee and they didn’t even bring it up. I’m surprised if they would charge and I question those who say that you must be a VIP customer to get it for free.

  20. mw

    I live in a dead zone so AT&T gave us a free cell booster for my wife’s iPhone, so I tried to get a free one from Verizon, after hours on the phone talking to supervisors the best they offered was half off the$250 price of the network extender, my neighbor also has Verizon he complained & got one free!!!of course I called back they know we live in a confirmed dead zone, but the best they offered was letting me out my contract without any fees! Thy would rather loose a loyal customer for over 10 yrs instead of giving me an extender so that I could finally use the phone service I pay for but can’t use.oh yeah I’m a so called VIP customer.