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2 responses to “Verizon Launches Samsung Rogue and Intensity”

  1. Nicole

    my sister and I both want the Rouge but we don’t want to get the same phone. I was looking around to maybe change my selection and I found this one. What I really liked about this phone is that I used to have the envy 1 and i loved it. It was my favorite phone in the world! This really reminded me of that. I like how it has where you can type on the front or use the keypad because sometimes just using the keypad can get really annoying! I love both of them! 🙂

  2. Dave:}

    I just got the phone today. The phone and web browsing are good, but you can’t load video onto this phone.

    My old LG would play movies fine. I tried all the supported formats when encoding for this phone, and they just don’t work!!