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13 responses to “Sprint Launches Touch Pro 2”

  1. Mr .Hanson

    Sero Compatible??/

  2. Marc

    Does that mean you HAVE TO have an Everything Plan or that you just have to have an Everything Plan to get the extra $100 rebate?

  3. RIch

    Wait until Oct 11 and get the HTC Hero from Best Buy. Its an android phone and will be $179 out the door as Best Buy gives you the rebate on the spot. According to CS you dont HAVE to have an everything plan to have TP2 or the Hero. The hero just looks awesome.

  4. SaltyDawg

    Remember when I cited the low cost as one of the reasons the iPhone was killing the American smartphone market? Several people said it was BS when I talked about how expensive Windows Mobile phones used to be. Looks like they still aren’t all that cheap (though at $350 it is still significantly cheaper than it used to be).

  5. Rich

    The Hero will be Android, and better quality and only $175!!!

  6. Rich
  7. Ron

    According to the rebate form and telesales rep the TP2 requires voice plan with data or data plan of $25 or higher for $100 rebate; the Hero requires one of the Everything plans for rebate and activation. Also was told I didn’t have to change my SERO plan to Everything plan as was previously stated by telesales. Will have to wait until I activate to see if that holds true.

  8. JJ

    I would love to try out the tp2 but at the steep price of 350 I will be waiting for reviews and I will be trying out hero first. I love wm and all the hacks you can do to it but I’m looking forward to working with a stable os like android and see what it brings to the smartphone arena. I’ll be getting mine at best buy so I don’t have to deal with rebates. I think radio shack will have it too but later.

  9. Rich

    I was told by telesales the Hero doesnt require a Everything plan. It makes sense because HTC phones never have required Everything Plan.

  10. JoetheStone23

    Two Things:

    1. $350 is WAY too expensive for this phone….especially with the Verizon one being $200 – and don’t get started on the “savings over time”…$350 is OUTRAGEOUS

    2. I am calling it now – SERO customers will get SCREWED with the Hero…I don’t CARE what telesales says right now…

  11. Mike

    Has anyone tried it out??


  12. JJ

    I guess we will see. I have spoken to 3 csr reps and they all have said the hero can be added to the sero plan. We will see what develops.

  13. bottomline

    I’m almost positive that the Hero will require a simply everything plan. Unlike the TP2.