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8 responses to “Verizon Launches New Nationwide Combined Data and Messaging Only Plans”

  1. mike

    loving t-mobile’s data options!

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  3. Christopher Price

    While that is a good price for a formal service offering, it’s still not as good as Sprint’s SERO. Sprint SERO does everything Verizon wants, for $30/month, and they add in 500 airtime minutes on top of that, plus unlimited N&W and M2M.

  4. Humberto Saabedra

    You have a point, but consider that this is the first time a US carrier has unbundled messaging and data from voice service on an annual contract, and such behavior is unheard of here.

    You would be surprised how many people would jump on smart devices if they were offered the option to go on a data/messaging plan without needing to add voice service.

    This is commonly done in Europe and Asia to draw in first time smart device users, and is the driving factor behind Symbian’s popularity.

    SERO may be great if you can get it, especially with recent restrictions, but it would still need to be offered on a nationwide scale in order to cut into the mindshare and interest this offering creates.

    I’ve no need for an additional voice line as I use MetroPCS locally, but I would like to have a smart device for data and messaging services, preferrably from Sprint due to their superior data services, but Verizon really convinced me, a noted Verizon detractor to take a second look.

    Sprint does not have an equivalent offering to compete with Verizon currently, and with their recent push towards messaging and multimedia oriented devices, it would serve them well to one up Verizon, especially for someone like myself that would prefer messaging and data service without voice on an annual contract that didn’t require the purchase of specific device like the BlackBerry.

    I rarely used 10 minutes out of the 3000 minutes in my old plan, but I was a massive user of data and messaging services.

    If Sprint would offer a variant of Power Vision with unlimited messaging for $35 across all devices without voice service being a requirement instead of Verizon’s device discrimination on an annual agreement, they will surely have everyone’s attention and in the end, that’s what it’s all about in this industry.

    If they went a step further and didn’t require a contract for $45, that would cause true disruption.

  5. Christopher Price

    Yes, but GoPhone technically allows you to cash out your Pick Your Plan airtime rollover when it hits $250. Taking that into account, you really only have to pay $19.99/month for unlimited GoPhone data. While there is about a $45 fee to do so, it’s still much cheaper than $35/month.

    And, with GoPhone, you get 1000 N&W and M2M for free… since the 39.99/month gets cashed out when it hits $250…

    Granted, if you want just a worry-free, data-only account, this is good news. But, in terms of price, I think we need a price war before it becomes attractive to savvy users out there.

  6. Christopher Price

    Well, you do have to divide “my experiences” between those on Pick Your Plan and those on PAYG. Remember, PAYG is completely unsupported and requires a bunch of hacks.

    While GoPhone PYP is treated as a second-class citizen by Apple, it works and when it breaks… it is ultimately fixed every time.

    AT&T has been tinkering around with a counter-plan to this. They gave Ogo users who could prove that they were hearing impaired a similar deal… at $24.99/month, with 1,000 SMS included. So, like I said, a price war is needed, getting the plan out the door from one of the Big 4 simply has been long overdue.

    Perhaps I am looking a gift horse in the mouth, but with GoPhone and SERO (both of which I use daily), this isn’t something that really interests me other than for competitive-ness.