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14 responses to “Verizon Launches HTC DROID Eris”

  1. F1

    Matt black(Pro-look), thinner, lighter and less expensive!

    A SPRINT price adjustment should follow suit, right about now !

    Thank You

  2. Angel

    I am a sprint customer and just got the hero on an everything plan, had to give up the sero plan, which isnt so bad considering i dont use many minutes during the day and i get the same extras plus my work discount. I thought about switching but would spend more monthly for the same service, $30 extra a month to save $80?

  3. F1

    @ Angel
    Well, let me explain to you, why I am considering it.

    First of I have had a legacy modified Fair & Flexible 700, including everything, but the kitchen sink. Including insurance and taxes $54!

    Sprint has offered me the E.P 900min $89.99 for $57 plus insurance and taxes,which translates to $64 plus taxes to about $77, that is an extra $23x 24 months, or $552, just for to get the Hero, but will no longer have unlimited roaming, an extra minute will cost 40 to 45 cents more as opposed to my 5 cents now! Tethering is also out of the plan.
    Oh, btw the phone would be FREE, if I restart my contract!

    So what is the problem, you ask?

    See, since 1997 Sprint has constanly changed the rules on us, I have several versions of the so called “unlimited Data” on my current plan, but “those”, are not the same “unlimited Data”!

    CurrentIy, I don’t have a single friend left on the SPRINT network!
    At least, at VZW, I will not have to deal with a “surprise”,

    Thank you

  4. Angel

    I currently have a SERO Fair & Flexible 1250, with insurance & taxes, comes out to $62/mo, which was switched to the EP 450 @ $69.99 plus corporate discount (25%), around $62/mo

    Not that i use the Sprint TV, but its not included on SERO and I haven’t seen any restrictions on roaming anywhere on the new plans. I do have 800 less daytime minutes but they were replaced with unlimited mobile to all minutes. I don’t usually have chats with non-mobile phones. I had a Touch Pro. Which i’m sure everyone hates but i have become used to. I’m trying out the Hero. I do miss having a keyboard. Since the Touch Pro2 isnt available offline for preview. The Droid By Motorola is good but not enough for the switch.

    I dont need to be on the same network as my friends, they dont pay my bill and compared to most of them, even if i paid a little more it would still be way less than they pay for a phone they don’t want and cant stand and unacceptable service.

    If I could find a deal for like Sprint at VZ, I would consider it, contracts don’t keep me from switching.

  5. JJ

    Like F1 said, if I’m going to pay more and get a runaround on what my plan allows and doesn’t allows and get bad service also, I will just switch to verizon. Yes, they are more expensive but you can’t by a bmw for the same price as a ford can you?

    I have 2 Sero plans. The first is $30 500/m SERO plan and I get 10% off for the life of the account. Not to mention the 10% will also work whenever I add the sprint navigation. My other SERO plan is also $30 500/m plan with an extra 60 minutes added for the life of the account. That is only $60/month for 1000 mins and unlimited data and text.
    I was thinking of giving up SERO to get the hero but that is just too good of a price to let it go just to have a newer phone. The hero is already behind in technology.(Android 1.5) Also Verizon has the same hero phone for only $99. Like I said before, if I have to pay more it will be with a company that actually uses that money to help the customer out. Not to mention I can get the TP2 on my business line for 199.99 and not have to change my plan.

    The other thing is that you can’t install programs to the memory card on android phones. I currently have around 15-20 programs on my windows mobile phone. If I did that on an android it would fill the memory. That is a very big inconvinience. Until they upgrade all android phones to 2.0 and let you install to memory card, I will stick with windows mobile.
    As soon as sprint releases the 6.5 update on the TP2 I will be getting that phone or just wait for the Diamond 2 or the HD2 phone.

    In the meantime I will enjoy my unlimited data and text for only $30. I will also be enjoying my unlimited tethering wherever I go and not have to worry about my plan not allowing that.

  6. F1

    @ JJ

    I once again visited BB, this time the clerks said Hero and maybe even the TP2 will need an EP!!
    BB must be with the exception of Frys,the worst remaining electronics retailer in LA!

    Well, as long as they don’t change my plan, I am thinking of swapping my Palm Pro with the TP2, it is supposed to arrive at the SPRiNT store on Nov.15th.
    I am wondering if all the hacks of the P.Pro will work on the TP2, what have you heard? Is your mom still happy with her P.Pro?

    Thank You

  7. Don Louie

    Why have you all turned this vzw story into another rant about forced plans with a different carrier using car analogies

  8. F1

    @ Don

    Because it is a free country, and we are fighting for our freedom of choice in regards to Hardware, and Carriers!

    Btw, what “Car analogies” ???

    Thank You

  9. Don Louie

    JJ did it with BMW and Ford

  10. F1

    @ Don

    Ooops, you are right, I forgot about that, JJ had however a valid point.

    As you all know by now,
    Sprint has decided to remove the “roam option”, without any warning, as a result, if you need to force roaming, when and if you have reception issues, you will have to have a WM unit, so that you can retrofit it.

    They have retro actively removed this key safety feature of the entire phone line up, hence I am forced to either get another WM unit, i.e. the
    TP2, although it has solid hardware design, to me it is more a UMPC wanna be, the phone function is a secondary function, that to me is a conceptual design flaw of WM.

    Even if I would forfit my F.F. 700 plan for an E.P., it will not provide me with the critical roaming option on any other remaining units, a safety option that is critical and vital to me.
    Sprint removed this option, under the cover of cost control, but at the cost of more account losses, it is just further code for greed.

    After waiting 1 year for SPRINT to get Android ready, now, as a thank you, we are taken hostages to forced plan changes to enjoy these devices!

    Given my poor experience with WM, the choice is becoming rather clear, either personaly move to a better SPRINT reception area or leave SPRINT altogether!

    Thank You

  11. Don Louie

    I say get the Eris over the Hero so you can have your better coverage and not have to worry about any of the Everything plans. I like the color of the Eris but the look of the Hero more

  12. F1

    The age old question: convenience, versus expense!

    At the risk of sounding somewhat paranoid,the only hesitation I have on Android products, is the fact that Google could potentialy, take over my entire digital life, it is just a matter of time!

    Don’t get me wrong, I very much admire the services and contributions Google has provided to the society in general, however the concentration of one’s preserved individual search history, in addition to the potential access of the concentration of current & future private contacts & calls, in one company’s repertoire, is at the very least risky and even, dangerous to me, hence to this date, I have made a concentrated effort to utilize a mixture of digital providers.

    The thought of abandoning the above strategy, in conjuction with the lack of any gurantee about the future policies of the private sector, and keeping in consideration the potential of further M & A, i.e. in the form of a potential bid, for say a cellular company, in addition to the wild card of the government’s policy action or lack there of, is in other words,
    to knowingly throw caution at the wind, which makes me feel somewhat careless and irresponsible.

    Thank You

  13. F1

    @ JJ

    Price fixing is officialy here: SPRINT/AT&T and VZW all charge the same minimum of $69.99 for 450min and data for the Hero/iPhone and Droid!

    @ Don

    I agree with your Eris/Hero description, the Eris even feels “soft” in your hand, due to it’s rubberized finish.

    Well the price adjustment did not take too long,
    SPRINT has reduced the Hero price to $99.99 for new accounts at BB the so called exclusive retailer of Hero, however in tradition of greed, SPRINT is still charging it’s loyal customers, the ridiculous $179.99 for the “upgrade” sign up, in a show of continued customer appreciation !

    Maybe with continued account losses, SPRINT CEO Dan Hesse is planning to get rid of CSR altogether, and in the process justify giving himself a raise for next year.

    Thank You

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