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21 responses to “Deal: The $60 AT&T, 3G, No-Contract Sony Ericsson Z750a Returns… for $80”

  1. Elijah Nicolas

    I wish that they had the 750a in a different color besides purple!

  2. hardly

    I cannot find where to enable Bluetooth PAN on this phone.
    Got a link?

  3. tdv

    I spoke with someone at ATT support who told me that the GoPhone z750a will only work on pre-paid plans. Is this accurate? I have read some other posts that indicate that it can absolutely be used on ATT’s regular GSM service. Thanks for offering this information.

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  7. DanVi

    “Christopher Price on October 3rd, 2008, 7:42 pm
    No, AT&T staff is trained to lie to you about this. After being activated on a prepaid account (even a $0 account), it will work fine on any AT&T plan.”

    Chris, are you sure about this? I’ve been told it only work with prepaid card because the phone they ship out has been set to use only with prepaid card. Don’t know if this true or not, hope someone has more info about this.


  8. Danvi

    Thanks Chris, it does work. I just got it this week and work fine with my sim card. Again, thanks for the info.

  9. Paul

    I’ve used a post-paid AT&T SIM on my z750A, just fine. I’m trying to get the unlock code for it, but the GoPhone toll-free staff say to go to an AT&T store to get it unlocked. Is there any toll-free number that can get me the unlock codes?

    Thank you!

  10. Linda

    Chris – I, too have an ATT post paid acct along with a SIM card that is still functional after my z750a dropped into water. I am going through your tutorial to order the z750a refurbished through ATT.

    Here’s my question: When I come to the part about transferring my number or getting a new number, do I just let them give me a new number? Also, I assume that a new SIM card comes with this phone (assigned to that number) and in order to not incur charges, you would want to tuck that card away?

    Any other info would be helpful… what do I do when I get the phone? At what point do I switch my SIM card?

    Thanks for your help.

  11. Linda

    fyi:It looks like the gray version is now available, too.

  12. Paul


    You can immediately use your formerly wet SIM card in your z750a. Let AT&T assign you a new number.
    You can use the new SIM card for outgoing calls to use the $25 of air time, if it’s important to you to take advantage of that pre-paid air time.

  13. Ed

    Can any tell me where 1 can buy one of these phones . My local ATT stores don’t have any . I am an exsisting Att costumer adn need a new phone My Seimens phone I have had since 2003 has just crapped out

  14. Kenyon

    I am trying to find the Sony Ericsson z750a on the AT&T page but it seems that it’s no longer there. Any ideas about where else I can find this phone?
    Thanks so much for this information – it’s a great help!!

  15. julie nicholson

    I want a pink z750a. Can anyone help me find one to purchase?