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3 responses to “Palm Releases webOS 1.3.2 Update for Palm Pixi”

  1. Duker

    I am surprised there is no wifi on this device.

  2. redysangco

    imagine, no WiFi. major fumble. that’s a Smartphone requirement these days! palm designers probably pushed for it, but some number cruncher told ’em it’d cost too much. if webOS v1.3.2 doesn’t address the pixi’s lag, detune the EVDO radio to run revO only (enter ##3836#). pixi’s lag disappears and the webOS cards view shines through!

  3. Gordon

    Impotent! Is it a smartphone for my grannies?
    After reading about a new cell phone called First Else, I found that 90% of the new phones that’s going to be released soon are boooooooooooooring!!!
    First Else has a 3X optical zoom camera, it has a very cool UI (and seems comfortable for users – right-handed ones at least), it has HDTV, gesture controls, amazing reminder functions.
    They just need to make sure this device runs fast and smooth, and many people will write application for them.