T-Mobile Responds To MinuteTracker

Following on our previous coverage of T-Mobile blocking access to MinuteTracker, T-Mobile representatives have issued the following response to PCS Intel:

“T-Mobile provides its customers with numerous options to access account
information and manage their use of minutes through multiple convenient
formats including the Web, their own handsets, and T-Mobile’s customer
care centers — all at no charge. Customers are empowered to manage
their information through the Web, by logging onto www.T-Mobile.com.
From their handset, customers have four options to access specific
account information: they can dial #bal# to get their account balance,
dial #min# to get minutes used, click on the My Account option in
t-zones, or dial 611 to reach Customer Care.

With regard to automated scripts, plug-ins and/or other third-party
devices that automate access to T-Mobile’s web site, T-Mobile may
restrict such devices in order maintain a high level of web site
availability and quality for our customers.”

Earlier this week MinuteTracker announced that they were no longer able to provide their free service to T-Mobile customers. T-Mobile has changed their web site’s terms of service, as well as made several technical changes to their web site to block third-party web-based minute monitoring services.

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