Cingular Launches 3G in San Antonio

Cingular launched it’s HSDPA/UMTS network in San Antonio today.

“Cingular’s 3G network is available in 54 communities nearby the major markets of Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Gary (Ind.), Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland (Ore.), Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose (Calif.), Seattle, Tacoma (Wash.) and Washington D.C. The company will expand its 3G network coverage area to most major markets by the end of 2006.”

Cingular customers using Laptop Connect can expect average speeds of 400-700Kbps downlink speeds. Cingular video is also available in all of Cingular’s 3G markets.

HSDPA/UMTS allows for simultaneous data and voice calls. So you can order a pizza and watch “Sex And The City” at the same time from your Cingular 3G handset.

Cingular Press Release
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