Sprint to Launch Sprint Navigation, New Data Plan in April

Starting in April, Sprint will be bundling GPS access into a new data
plan and application. The data plan, called the Sprint Power Vision
Navigation Pack is bundled with a new application called Sprint
Navigation powered by TeleNav. The service is also included on Sprint
Power Vision Ultimate and Business Packs and is available on a
pay-per-day basis to subscribers on other Power Vision, PCS Vision and
PowerSource data packs at $2.99 per day.

The application features the following:

  • Voice-guided and on-screen turn-by-turn GPS-enabled driving
    directions, which speaks street names for each turn
  • 3-D moving maps similar to an in-car navigation system or
    personal navigation device
  • Real-time intelligent traffic alerts and one-click
  • Local search with more than 10 million points of interest
  • Lowest price gas finder
  • Interactive voice response for destination entry by speech
    instead of text or phone number
  • Pedestrian mode
  • Spanish-language option
  • Pre-trip planning site at www.sprint.com/navigation

From the press release:

“Sprint Navigation will provide flexible options for Sprint data
customers to easily access the most complete GPS navigation service
right on their phone, when and where they want to. Whether subscribing
to a data pack that offers unlimited access or
using the service on a pay-per-day basis, customers will have the power
to use Sprint Navigation in the way that best fits their needs.”

The application will be available on many Power Vision and PCS Vision
phones with the first phones being the Motorola RAZR, Motorola KRZR and
LG FUSIC with available application features varying by phone.

Release (Sprint)