Sprint Gives Away GPS Software (And How to Get It)

Sprint today announced Sprint Navigator, essentially a Sprint-branded version of TeleNav’s existing GPS navigation software. Sprint Navigator will be available for purchase and download in early April, and includes TeleNav Traffic for live traffic and incident redirection. At the same time, Sprint has announced new free and low-cost pricing options to gain access to Sprint Navigator.

Any customer who has a Power Vision pack of $25 or greater (Ultimate & Business packs) will automatically receive Sprint Navigator for free. It will be automatically placed in your Content Manager as well as on the main Vision portal.

Sprint will also release a new Power Vision pack, the Sprint Navigator Power Vision pack. That will include Sprint TV, Sprint Radio, Picture Mail, and Sprint Navigator in addition to unlimited Power Vision service.

Finally, any customer that has any other Sprint data pack will be able to access Sprint Navigator for $2.99 per day.

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